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Wolf-dog hybrid
Faust remains in his optime form at all times, standing 6' tall with a lean frame. His coat is thick and black, with brown fur above each eye, at the distal portion of each extremity, and at the tip of his narrow tail. He has light brown eyes that betray his significant intelligence and gleam with quiet secrets. Each of his ears bend limply, uncropped, with tufts of shoft brown fur hanging from their tips. Along the outer edge of each ear was a line of 5 small silver hoop piercings. A long, thin divet in the fur along his left side can be seen at times, although it is often hidden by his coat.

On Faust's left palm is a tattoo. Three semi circles, their peaks touching at the tattoo's center, with two circles, one set within the other, bisecting the length of the semi circles. Between the terminal ends of each semi circle was a small flourish. The entire figure was set into a wreath, with an open space at the top for another symbol, a crown.

Faust prefers to wear human clothing, forsaking his natural pelt for a muted white lab coat, the sleeves of which were rolled to the joint of his arms. He also carries an old brown backpack, filled with anything that he deems necessary. Strapped to the sides of his pack are a wooden bow and a quiver of arrows.
Faust is an intelligent optime who hungers to learn about the world around him. Although he is himself a wolf, he often feels superior toward those who chose their lupus and secui forms, considering them to be more savage than civil. Considering himself a more evolved creature, he chooses to use a bow to hunt, rather than the traditional method used by wolves.

Faust is not territorial, but does take great care to protect the items he considers important. He does not trust those who remain in the secui form because of the trepidations he faced with his siblings.

Although Faust was to be the successive leader of his former pack, he has no feelings of superiority to other optime wolves. He does not shy away from leadership, however, he is unwilling to take such a role at the expense of his pedagogy.

Faust is easy tempered and does not easily display aggression, however, he is usually reclusive to the point of hostility. He would rather practice his archery than mildlessly devolve into a feral beast. He does his best to wear a mask of amusement, while he slowly descends into an internalized pergatory, a neutral state of nonexistance.

As he has spent no time in a structured pack, as his last pack was a collective of several amicable packs together, he forgets the social order of things at times. Although he is not a trouble maker he does hold an apathetic view toward the needs of others.
Faust was born to a wandering mother, who was left impregnated when attacked by a doberman. After giving birth to a litter of four she passed away, followed by one of her pups shortly after.

Faust was larger than his sister but smaller than his brother, in whom the doberman was evident. He was the first of the three to shift to a higher form, and preferred his optime form. His brother and sister were both unable to shift beyond their secui forms and began to despise Faust's physical desparity. Thus began the rift that eventually would lead to Faust's departure from the small group.

Faust wandered on his own for some time, a growing resentment toward his savage siblings and the wild animals around him pushing him toward a search for knowledge and civility. Upon visiting a cluster of large structures, once known as a city, he encountered other optimes for the first time. This startled him, as he had fallen into a state of isolation, adopting a belief that he was always to be alone.

Faust was readily accepted by the city inhabitants and given the task of policing a small building, which he later learned to be a library. When he was not seeking intruding animals he would slowly learn to read from the texts, picking up stray filaments of knowledge which he would eventually weave into the tapestry of his advanced intellect.

As Faust aged, and he became familiar with the documented world, he grew tired of his monotonous duties and began learning primative medicine and science from elder wolves in his adoptive pack. He became intimately familiar with herbology and homeopathic remedies, as well as the usage of supplies which had been found in a dilapidated health clinic.

Faust later fled the city which he had called home when he was selected as the successor to the pack's leader. Knowing that a young hybrid being chosen to lead a pack of wolves would cause a rift in the harmony of the city, he elected to seek a new home.
A brother and sister, from whom he is estranged.