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In his optime form, Wally stands at 66 inches tall and roughly 171 pounds with amber-colored eyes. His fur is rather thick and gives him a scruffy appearance, with a fur pattern very similar to a German Shepherd's. Burn scarring can be seen on most of the right forearm and on the left leg. Scratch scarring can be seen near the right eye. He always wears a karate-like headband (sometimes used as a blindfold), a catgut necklace with an obsidian rock tied to it, armwraps, and patched up hide pants in fair condition. He usually wears a hooded cloak and carries a spear. Wally tries to be friendly unless met with hostility, where he can become nervous or irritated. He has a dry sense of humor and frequently holds grudges. He has a love for human artifacts and sometimes tries to recreate them. Wally is a better follower than leader and becomes anxious when he has nothing to do. He loves challenges, spear combat, and sewing, while disliking fire, illness, and tracking.
Wally was born in a dog luperci pack living in a police station in what was once New York. His mother was a weaver while his father worked with metal. Wally's childhood was filled with learning of the spirits and feeling down for being unable to help out much. At four months, he developed a fever and was looked over by the healer, Suther, who intrigued him with old human artifacts.

When Wally was able to shift into his optime form, he quickly learned how to use a spear and helped out his mother with sewing. Suther taught him how to diagnose injuries and his father kept him from metalworking. Wally and his father would get into an argument that indirectly resulted in Wally's leg being branded in an accident. A pack of coyotes would attempt to raid Wally's pack, resulting in Wally receiving severe burns on his forearm.

Wally would eventually try to find a traveler selling human artifacts but became lost after falling into a river. He would eventually wander into eastern Canada and join Mistfell Vale.
Mother - The two got along well when sewing and loved each other dearly.
Father - The two loved each other, though Wally felt his father didn't trust him too much with the metalworking.
Walter(Brother) - The two were sworn enemies until the coyote attack. Afterwards, the became friendly rivals.
Suther (Healer) - Suther helped nurse Wally back to health and taught him some medical knowledge. Some of the healer's odd speech (like his use of "Oi" and "Aye") has rubbed off on Wally.
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