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Coywolf Ortus
Clearly a coyote-dominant hybrid with large, pointed ears and bottle-brush tail. Muzzle is wolfish in length, but tapers like a coyote.

Kyrios is predominantly a warm cream color, which can look orangey in bright sunlight. He has a white dorsal stripe on his muzzle, which fades briefly before starting against on his forehead and stretching to his mid-back and mixing with reddish tan and black. White brow dots accent his face, along with the black around his clear blue eyes.

Most often in Optime form, but it's not uncommon for him to be in Lupus form either, particularly when he doesn't want attention.

He doesn't have many accessories or casual clothing, but is often geared up for specific tasks, e.g. bowhunting or riding.
Kyrios appears to most as a vain, lazy prince and a harmless, if sometimes annoying, flirt.

He likes gossip and drama, but is almost never involved in any. He can be quite condescending at times, though it's usually reasonably subtle.

But he rarely talks about himself, has no apparent interest in justifying his better-than-thou attitude, keeps most people at arm's length, and does not seem to have ambition beyond doing as little as possible around the pack.

He rides a reindeer and thinks he's very cool for it.
Vesper (mother), Vicira (sister).
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