Vera Zharkov

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In Character

Female 22 Sep 2012
50% Caucasian Shepherd x 50% West Siberian Laika Verto
Vera is stocky, while still being agile. Her fluffy fur is a variation of brownish oranges and white. She has beautiful blue eyes that often shine with joy.

Optime [Preferred]: 5ft 11in
Secui: 4ft
Lupus: 3ft

Bone Dagger
Outfit as seen here

Stealth: Expert
Hunting: Proficient
Bird Training: Proficient
Trapping: Expert
Carpentry: Novice
Plant Raising: Novice

Born in Russia, she was raised by a pack of wild dogs. When she was three she met some luperci wolves and fell in love with one of the males (who was not yet a luperci). After a while, they mated. Over the next four years, they had several children including their daughter Yvonne. It was after Yvonne was born that she was changed to a luperci, along with her husband. When her husband died, she came in search of her daughter and joined her in the Vale.

Now that Mistfell is disbanded, she is wandering the wilds of the lands, improving on her skills.
Yvonne, Daughter. Tora, Grandson
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