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32% Great plains wolf, 24% British Columbia wolf, 40% Eastern timber wolf, 4% Mackenzie Valley wolf Ortus
Yerus fur is mainly consisted of light brown and almost auburn colors. The shades get darker from his chest to his back with a few gray streaks mixed in between. His nose and inside of his ears are a fleshy pink color (as a result of a mutation) rather than a common black which is considered quite strange but is inherited form his father. His eyes are a playful lime green which give him an almost childish appearance.

His fur is thick, medium length and wavy when in Optime form which is his preferred form, although he sometimes can be seen in Secui form. In his Optime form he stands around 5’11 (182cm) and weighs 177 lbs (80kg). His build is slender, with little fat and slight muscle definition. In his Secui form he is around 42 inches and weighs 147lbs, His hair around his neck is a lot thicker and darker then his Lupus and Optime forms

Yerus is often naked or with little clothes (Sometime cloaks to keep warm) as he enjoys free movement and less noise when hunting. He uses small tools such as Knives fairly regularly and so has a belt made form plants and animal skins to carry these. He prefers daggers for fighting as they are faster and lighter and suit his slimmer build and normally has these on him at all times. Hes two long scars diagonally across his right thigh and one smaller above his belly button as a result of accidents and fighting.
Yerus is Cheerful and energetic, although he can seem untrusting at first he is a loyal and caring friend. Because events of his past he is always trying to prove himself and because of that he is scared of failure. If he does fail at something he is often hesitant to try again on a count of making a fool of himself and needs someones encouragement for him to try and have a nother go at it.

He can get very heated in competitive situations and can lose his cool when he thinks he is being made fun of. This caused him to get into a lot of fights when he was younger but he has now calmed down a bit. Yerus can get cocky when he knows he is better than someone as something and this can make his lose focus and make silly mistakes.

He is very determined when he sets his mind to something and is a very hard worker. His mind set is ‘if something is worth doing, do it well’. One of his biggest flaws is not asking for help and being forced to admit he is unsure. He is very loyal and one that can be by your side in times of need. Although he may not seem it, he is quite insecure.
Yerus is the youngest of two sons. His brother was a very capable and successful leader and was often regarded as a ‘hero’ in his pack. Unfortunately his life was cut short after a hunting accident and Yerus’s grief stricken father often took out his anger on Yerus. Yerus was constantly getting into fights and into trouble and his parents secretly wonder that things would of been better if Yerus would have been the one killed and not his brother. His father saw him as a disappointment and pressure him to live up to his brothers name. One day Yerus accidently killed one of the other pack members in a fight and his father had had enough, he chased Yerus out of the pack and to the border of the territory and told him never to return. And that he wished he had been the one killed instead of his brother. Yerus was filled with resentment as he traveled further north in search of another pack that would take him. It was time to forget his old pack and make a new life for himself.
Brother (Deceased)