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Optime form - Pixie is a wolf with a lean build. She is coated in snow-white fur and has bright eyes that burn a powerful dark amber. She has a long, curly, vanilla-colored mane that falls down almost half of her back while fully shifted. It is typically held in three long braids that are dip-dyed pink. On the smaller side of wolves, she stands about 5'5 inches tall and weighs in around 140lbs. She has a slender, muscular frame complete with a tail that is generally dyed to match the tips of her mane. Her body type is feminine.

Secui and Lupus forms- Appears larger in these forms than she actually is due to her dense, thick fur which makes the vast size difference between her and larger wolves slightly less noticeable. She has a solid yet slender frame.

Adornments - Often creates things like flower crowns or uses dye to adorn herself and her mane.

Clothing - Usually be seen wearing a skirt and bikini-like top outfit made of buckskin. She also owns a long gown robe finished with fur trim that can be put on for style/warmth. Typically she is equipped with a backpack used to carry tools (such as a knife) and various dried herbs.

Scars - A single scar stretches across her right eye seemingly from a claw.
Pixie is a free-spirited wolf. She loves to read as well as take notes on the world around her just as she was taught when she was young. The young wolf is constantly looking to expand her knowledge of the world and experience all she can. Though she has been working on her verbal skills, she still towards those she can spend time with without the pressure of constant conversation. She uses a lot of body language; if she can say something without words, she will. Pixie is deeply protective over those she cares about. She has an overwhelming fear of being alone but is beginning to feel more secure in being a member of New Caledonia. While completely capable of surviving on her own, Pixie truly thrives when surrounded by friends and family.

Straight-forward - When she speaks she tends to get straight to the point. To get it over with, perhaps?

Excitable -

Naive - Due to simply lack of experience, Pixie has a sort of ignorance about her when it comes to the world around her; generally in social situations. She may not realize that a question is invasive or simply just not be aware of the impact of her actions.

Kind-hearted - Pixie had earned the reputation of being quite the bleeding heart. She will save anyone and anything-- From fellow wolves to sick possums.

Respect for nature - She loves and gives thanks to the Earth for everything it provides. Her closest friend is a white weasel named Pippin that she received as a gift from her mother.

Religious - She fancies herself a spiritual creature and is deeply devoted to an entity referred to as the "Creator." It is this entity in which she thanks for all 'blessings' she encounters throughout life.

Substance use - Among the herbs and roots she carries in her pack is Mugwort which she uses to encourage vivid and more lucid dreams. She is no stranger to alcohol and loves mind-altering substances in general.

Green thumb - No stranger to growing plants. Mainly she has grown flowers or useful herbs.

Bisexual - No preference between sexes.
-Pixie was brought up in a small, close-knit pack made up of exclusively wolves.

- Maternal/paternal duties were mainly spread between members but her main caregiver was her mother, Erie, who taught her the power of feminine energy and prayer. At some point during her youth Pixie fell victim to an ambush that killed her mother and left her with a nasty scar over her right eye. She recovered from this as best she could and still claims to feel Erie's spirit from time to time.

- Taught to read and write by elders in the pack in her youth. She gathered many books and writings that she carries, and quotes, to this day.

- Had a close relationship with all three of her siblings and grew up exploring the forests they called home. Her relationship with two of her siblings faltered as she got older but she still maintained a close bond with her sister Ruby. As they aged Ruby and Pixie spent much time in the ruins of human cities and collecting whatever they found valuable. There was much tension between the neighboring packs, though, and they were under strict instructions to not interact with anyone else.

- Had a fling several months ago. She still has a lot of resentment towards this person.

- Left her pack to find a group of more like-minded individuals.
Erie Serene - Mother (alive)
Ruby Serene - Sister (alive)
* Often travels with her companion; a white stoat named Pippin

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