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Hi! I'm Raze! :D I'm a member of the 'Souls Assemblage and a leader of Inferni. Feel free to ask me anything -- I'm always happy to help!
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Vicira Tears is the Aquila of Inferni. She is the daughter of Myrika Tears and Vesper, both leaders of the clan; her father is Cirael June Lykoi, who was murdered for betraying the Legatus.

Raised in peacetime, Vicira experienced relatively little strife during her first two years of life. She aspired to become a horsewoman, scholar, and scout, and trained in these skills as she kept to herself. However, she began to come out of her shell with the influence of cousin and crush, Marlowe de le Poer, and as tensions formed within and outside the clan, she prepared for it.

With the Inferni and Cour des Miracles Conflict, Vicira got her first taste of war -- and betrayal. A pregnancy (later discovered false) drove a rift between herself and Marlowe before he was exiled, and Vicira came out of the war changed and at odds with Vesper, who usurped Myrika as Aquila. Drug addiction and lack of faith in Vesper, who she saw as a weak and paranoid leader, led Vicira down a dark spiral until she fought to claw herself out. This became necessary when Vesper was terribly injured during the Second Boreas Conflict; when it seemed uncertain Vesper would recover, Vicira acted as commander for Inferni and led the clan into its final battle against Boreas.

Later that autumn, Vicira gave birth to her first two children, Merari Tears and Boone Lykoi, the result of a fling with her friend Redtooth. A few weeks later, the Inferni-Salsola War began as a result of Vesper's thirst for vengeance. When Salsola struck a final terrible blow, burning down the D'Neville Mansion, Vicira usurped her mother and sought to repair the damage.
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