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Female 01 Aug 2018
Wolfdog Ortus
Martina is a lean and agile dog, obviously a product of selective breeding (and still kept on record), indicated by certain exaggerated features such as their enormous, upright ears, or pale, amber eyes. It is a known fact that they are part wolf, but this fortunately does not show in any obvious ways and out of courtesy no one has ever mentioned it, although they are suspiciously large for a dog. Their top coat is wiry, just long enough to have some movement when they trot; it is trimmed neatly around the face and ears lest they appear scruffy or unrefined. Through the pelt, the definition of their muscles are pronounced. The fur is mostly white, with symmetrical splashes of a ruddy brown hue on their ears, over their eyes, on their back and base of their tail. When they stand stacked, a nearly perfect square can be traced around their frame, despite their distinctly long legs and long neck. Though their gracile body structure suggests that they can keep up with other fast canines, their impressive talent is their exceptional vertical jump. In addition, they are particularly dexterous and well balanced, capable on all four paws as they are in bipedal, optime form. Outgoing, immersive, warm, flirtatious, noncommittal, gullible, vain, irresponsible, gossip, creative, entitled, wayward, rebellious
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