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Tetrad's problems began, like most of their kind do, as a pup. The abuse that caused this mind to shatter is not explosive, and it is not a tale of blood. Simply, it is a tale of receiving nothing when one should have been given the world. Tetrad was a small pup, the only one to survive in an otherwise stillborn litter. Their mother, perhaps out of grief, did little to tend to Tetrad. They were barely allowed to drink milk from their mother, and given no affection—barely groomed.

In their young mind, Tetrad began to separate. They saw that mommy did not like the "hungry" part of them. She did not like the "whiny" part of them. These parts only introduced scorn and abandonment. When she would give affection, it was because Tetrad was being the "quiet" part of themselves, and so on. As they grew, these parts remained separate.

Part II became visible to others due to its odd manner of speaking. When this happened, Tetrad's superstitious pack began to think of them as possessed by an ancient spirit. It was asked many questions about the afterlife, and Part II attempted to answer, guessing at best. Yet the pack took these words as gospel, and though before they were something close to an "omega" (a punching bag for the rest of their peers) Tetrad soared through the ranks to give spiritual advice to the leaders of this small band of Non-Luperci.

But, deep in their heart (or is it hearts?), Tetrad knew this made no sense. Part I vaguely remembered why they had done this, why they had become separate. It wasn't due to any demon or spirit, only themselves. Part I was typically a honest person, even to their detriment. It felt awful to be what they saw as a fraud. But the punishment, if they came forward, might be awful. They had no idea how their pack leader may react. So, when they were left alone in control of the body, with the goading and support of Part III, Part I escaped the pack. They lied, saying they were leaving on a journey to 'read the sky for the pack', and never returned.
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Turned into Luperci by Khalifa D'Angelo