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Hello! I am Ems, I used to play Emmanuelle Brenna and Alessandra Von Sin. I am a 26 year old female, located in Alberta, Canada.

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55% Northeastern Coyote , 17.5% Dog, 15% Iberian Wolf 12.5% Red Wolf Ortus
Morrigans coloring is unusual and quite distinct. Her mothers pelt was of a typical coyotes, thought she had mis matching eyes in blue and green. Her father was a melanistic coyote. Her main pelt color is IRONSIDE GRAY with a lighter PEARL SILK color staining her cheeks and coloring all of underside and the tip of her tail. This is the only light color on her body, the darkest being ZEUS. This color marks her in two elbow-length ‘ gloves ‘ and one knee high ‘ boot ‘, the other leg remaining unmarked.

She has a wide stripe of TUATARA flowing down her back, though it stops just short of the base of her tail. Like her mother, she has the tell tale pockets of ZEUS underneath each eye to brighten up her eyes, LIBSON BROWN becoming a nose stripe between each of them. Her eyes are a curious color, her right deep lavender and blue, SCAMPI and her left a fuchsia lavender, BOUQUET.

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While her body looks adult and womanly, she has small breasts that sit high atop her ribcage with average sized hips. She hasn’t quite reached her full height, and she is average, sitting at 6’2. She has a decent set of muscles due to constant training, and she is long and lean. She moves gracefully and suredly, her gait confident and purposeful. Her hair is a warm chocolate brown, fading into a deep ember color at the ends. A few long tendrils frame her face, and its pulled back into a half ponytail. Her hair texture is silky and cascades into soft loose curls that reach halfway down her back.

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Morrigan was raised and groomed to be next in line to lead their cult, once her mother ‘ The Mother ‘ of the cult passed her prime. She was to learn all she could about poisons, flora, and natural drugs to use for visions. Her cult was formed as a Matriarchy, and as such she looks down on males and is gay, she views males as only the means to continue the line. That being said, she is civil, and has manners, but she doesn’t see males as threatening due to their role in her cult and as such her nativity around them was what led to her abduction.

Due to her kidnapping she is certainly more guarded, and her paranoia is worse. She enjoys nature and being out in the wilderness and mountains, so she isn’t the type to enter human buildings to sleep in them, she prefers sleeping in trees or other such places outside. The most important connection she has now is her horse she was given by the band of travellers who ‘ adopted ‘ her. They taught her the basics of riding and horsemanship, and she is able to ride and forage food for her horse.

Since coming to Halifax she has mostly avoided other Luperci, having more paranoid visions. But having to fend for herself over the winter has thinned her out a lot, so she is starting to become desperate to find food and shelter for her and her horse, and is seeking out a pack to join.
Morrigan was born in the mountains of British Columbia, in Crowsnest past. Her parents were leaders of a large cult that practised witchcraft, mainly centered around herbalism including creating healing medicines and tinctures as well as poison. The witchcraft itself was gathering ingredients to make offerings on alters as well as worshipping earth and nature gods. She was raised from a young age around the knowledge of plant medicines, and as such has a solid foundation of the basics. She is considered an apprentice, and had interest in furthering her education on poisons, of which she knows a few poisonous plants.

Her cult was based around the Luperci ‘ three faced goddess ‘, the mother, the maiden, and the crone. The goddess of witchcraft and lycanthropy. An overzealous male cult member kidnapped Morrigan before her first shift, intending to sacrifice her with a a relic known as the bone knife which was used in every animal sacrifice to offer to the Three Faced Goddesss, due to her paranoid visions. However, Morrigans grandmother, ‘ The Crone ‘ of the clan knew something was amiss when her granddaughter was late to one of their late night herbalist lessons, and went searching for her.

The cult member was discovered by Morrigans grandmother and in the struggle that ensued, killed her with the sacrificial knife. However she had manage to fatally wound him in the process and before he died, he cursed Morrigan with the death of her family and the cults Matriach, ‘ The Mother ‘ ( also her mother ) and Morrigan managed to get away with only the blood splattered knife between her teeth and the knowledge that had been passed down to her, fearing she would be held responsible for her grandmothers death.

Through her travels, she was taken in by a small band of travellers who made their way to Halifax and taught her to shift. She ended up losing them over the winter, and has just arrived in Halifax as spring begins to unfold. She has noticed now with the knife she carries with her she occasionally feels temperature changes along the bond handle, and whispering in her dreams. She doesn’t find these supernatural occurrences scary, as there is something warm and matronly about the energy coming from the knife.
Prudence, can be referenced grazing around DCG packlands. She is often loose, but will generally hang out in the area adjacent to Morrigan. Mare, quarter horse, Palomino Piebald coloring. Haughty, but generally a kind and willing beast.