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Ver has a fairly average build compared to other jackals, in her Optime form she's 70 inches tall, 18 inches tall in her Lupus form. Her fur is thick but short, almost appearing fluffy. Although she's 70 inches tall, she tends to stand in a slight crouch meaning she usually appears around 68 inches tall.

Her pelt is a golden brown, with her underside gradually lightening until it reaches an off white and her back being a more pronounced brown. Out of a general lack of care, her pelt tends to be dirtied by mud and, sometimes, blood. Her eyes are darker yellow. She has spots of light fur on her head, the largest between her ears. They continue down the top of her head, getting smaller as they go, until they eventually stop halfway down.

She has a few scars across her body, all wounds from past battles. The most prominent is across her left eye, blinding her permenantly in that eye. It's now fairly faded but it's still noticable. The rest of her scars have become hard to see over time although a few on her torso are still visible.

In her Optime form she has short hair, taking on the same colour as the fur on her underbelly.

Her expression is usually almost unreadable unless she's angry, in which case she makes it very clear. Even when casually standing around, she tends to bare her fangs.
Ver's always been fairly grumpy but her attitude has only soured with time. She's very easy to anger and just as quick to start a fight. Once she gets heated, it can be difficult to cool her back down unless she's fond of whoever's doing the cooling.

Even at the best of times, her descisions could be described as less than rational. She has a habit of small issues spiral into large ones in her mind and then treating the issue as if the inflated version in her mind was the truth. While she usually talks at an average volume, when angered she can raise her voice to surprising levels.

She's rather paranoid, frequently checking behind her and investigating any noise whatever it may be. Her paranoia can sometimes build up into full breakdowns during which she'll usually become frantic, panicing and trying to protect herself from threats that don't exist. Whenever she's like this she's essentially impossible to calm down.

Her own view of herself is a little inflated, seeing herself as better than most others. If a situation arises where she'd have to decide between the wellbeing of herself and the wellbeing of someone else, she'll almost always choose herself.
Ver was born and raised in a pack living near Moscow, nearby a few other packs with which they met once every few months.

Her mother was a jackal who journied to Russia for reasons unknown to Ver, shortly after she arrived at the group she met Ver's father, a wolf. Unfortunately, Ver's mother didn't survive long after Ver's birth, the cold climate ultimately proving to be too much for her.

When Ver was about a year old she noticed a dog she'd always had a distaste for picking on one of her friends, a wolf she'd begun to develop feelings for. Already angered, Ver stepped between the two in her Optime form. With her claws unsheathed she demanded the dog step back.

Unfortunately, the dog was only further amused by Ver's anger. He continued to insult the wolf, expressing clear joy at watching Ver get more and more upset. Finally, her rage reached a boiling point.

She tackled the dog, easily taking it to the ground. She'd intended to only hurt him, teach him a lesson. Intentions don't mean much when you can barely control your own actions. Within minutes he was dead.

Ver was shunned from the pack, forced to leave. For a while she wandered aimlessly. During a short stay in Poland she caught wind of a port in Portugal. Deciding it was best to put as much distance between her and her old pack, she set out for the port.

After just over two weeks of travel, she reached the port. However, she had not realised that she would have to pay for the ship transport in some way. Reluctantly, she gave away a book she'd been carrying with her since she left, the only thing her mother had left for her after her death. With that, she took no trace of her old life across the ocean.

She spent the next month and a half travelling from Portugal to Portland, switching ships at Barbados. Finally, she reached Portland, Maine.

With no knowledge of North America, she wandered aimlessly once again. She made her way from place to place, deciding against staying in one place for too long. After two weeks of wandering, she ended her journey in Ohio. There, she found a new pack. This new pack quickly brought her into their ranks for they had never seen a jackal before and believed her to be a deity.

For months Ver lived in luxury with the pack, they housed, bathed and fed her all because they believed that she was somehow blessing their hunts to be bountiful, despite the fact that the hauls from their hunts had been gradually decreasing.

Finally the pack reached a breaking point, the hunts had gotten so bad recently that many in the town were starving. However, instead of growing angry with their hunters they turned their rage towards Ver, believing that she'd grown gluttonous and lazy.

For the second time in her life, her former pack chased her away. Ver, in another irrational decision, decided the best cause of action was to completely leave the country. She didn't take much time to think it over, deciding to head north up into Canada.

In the present day she still resides in Canada, understandably living alone for the time being.
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