Kato Holguín

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In Character

Male 10 Jan 2019
Jackal-dog hybrid, leaning dog Verto
chubby boi w/ floppy ears and dreadlocks. while his siblings took more jackal genes, kato got all the dog's side of the family. he's average height and a bit overweight from his constant snacking but is a good cook as a result. most of his body is black, but his underbelly, the insides of each leg and all four paws are white. two little caramel-colored dots above each eye make for 'eyebrows', and often you can only see them because his eyes are a deep brown color that nearly blend into his face. a white stripe cuts down the middle of his face and fans out to cover his entire muzzle. his markings are similar to a bernese mountain dog, but with the only tan being the dots above his eyes.

following with the stronger dog bloodlines, his ears are large and flop over. he has no control over them for the most part and they are often in the way of his vision. most of the time he has a big grin on his face, and his tongue falls out to either side as well.

in fact, the most jackal-like part of him is the way his eyes and muzzle are more angular than average. it's subtle, but just enough to make you think he isn't entirely dog. his coat is slick, stiff and fairly thin as well, rather than soft and fluffy as a dog's might be. due to his heritage, it is nearly impossible for him to have children though he doesn't know this.
v chill, friendly, wants to be friends with everyone. want to smoke a doobie together? great. let's bust out the snacks. the more he smokes, the more he talks, but he has a heavy accent and english is his second language so it can be a struggle to understand him. sometimes, if his siblings are around, one of them will help translate. even if you don't get what he's saying just smile and say yes and good things will happen.

he doesn't like to be cold, so even well into the beginning of summer he will wear layers of clothes.

very much go with the flow, the type of guy to always respond to any idea anyone has with a "yes, and..." attitude.

very much a lover, not a fighter.
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