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Growth and shrinking abilities

In Character

Male 25 Sep 1996
Caramon is a Siberian Husky with Black and White fur basic fur pattern, his ear fluff is vanilla creme collars and so is his paw pads, his eye color is dark brown (near black), can be seen as a taur, anthro, or feral, his size ranges from 5in tall to 5ft, 4in. tall. He loves to shrink and grow and eat a lot of food, when he is big he doesn't harm anyone at all maybe a tail dangle or more that is all, when he is normal sized well he loves to play with balls maybe nibble a ear or 2 but is really playfully with everyone, when it comes to being small he is very shaky around others because he can't trust strangers and that is all I can think about >_>
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