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Female 17 Aug 2011
Wolfdog (50% Wolf, 50% dog) Ortus
Draugr is large in all her forms, her limbs long and thick. While she does not near the size of her mother Siv, she is large for a female Luperci, owing to her Alaskan Wolf and dog heritage. Her Optime form is narrow of waist and broad in the hips, giving her a curvy figure. Draugr was born en-route to 'Souls from Hearg Njorth. She and her mother made the trip eastward, at first on horseback and then on foot, when Draugr was very young. They joined Salsola November of 2011.
She is not given to strong emotion. Slow to anger, slow to joy, and generally reserved, Draugr is a master of her mind and her face. Her own emotion was the first thing she learned to conquer and conjure at her will. Her understanding of others' emotions, motivations, and ambitions is therefore generally sharp.
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