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Bernese Mountain Dog x Coyote Ortus
Ref colored by me, Map of scars, lupus ref

Maxen is half dog and half coyote, but looks almost purebred dog. His mother was a Bernese Mountain Dog and he takes heavily after her; he has the same pelt markings and fluffy fur and long, fluffy tail as her. The rest of him mimics his father; he's lithe and has long legs, small paws, and a very effeminate, narrow, coyote-esque face with large upright ears. The only family trait he carries are the Ganesa golden eyes. His nose and pawpads are a desaturated pinkish-brown; his white paws mean his claws are translucent. They are pink toward the top where the quick is and clear toward the bottom.

His coat is mostly a dark, inky black with white and brown markings to match his Bernese Mountain Dog genetics. He's very large because of this. He's tall, not muscular, but he has a lot of weight to throw around if he so chose to. His fur makes him look a lot beefier than he actually is.

He is always seen in optime unless otherwise stated. He's hit full size at 7' even and is very lithe; he will always be rather lean, but he's all muscle and is more muscular in his chest, arms and legs than torso. He has thick, wavy curly hair that is black and fades to brown toward the tips. It is very unkempt and extremely fluffy; it can barely be tamed back into a ponytail. He's a very handsome young male and he knows it.


Voice. Matthew Bellamy-- Muse

Somewhat gravelly and masculine with a very nice range. Can be raised to a rather impressive higher soprano or lowered to a deeper pitch; the lower his voice becomes the more gruff it seems to become. Intense, passionate and strong, his voice can be powerful with strong emotion and when raised. He loves to sing, but surprisingly is extremely shy about singing in front of others.
Maxen is not a good person. He just isn't. There actually isn't decent bone in his body. He can be coy and cunning, manipulative, cold, and is definitely a coward. He's very stubborn and headstrong and thinks he can take on the world. He hates females-- he will not respect you if you are female, and he'll act like a total douche to you whether yer nice to him or not just because of your gender. He can be very defensive, especially if called out on anything. He will do anything to prove himself smart and strong and he will have a temper tantrum if you call him weak or are winning an argument.

He feels the need to own slaves so he looks strong. He is nothing without his slave. He uses them not only as accessories, but to do work for him and to keep him safe. After being attacked twice by members of Casa di Cavalieri, he finds it very important to have a big strong slave to be his bodyguard. Though it's been quite some time since he's actually had a slave... he has Yuri to protect him otherwise. Yuri is treated very well by Maxen, like a real friend and maybe more... anyone else would be hard-pressed to find any semblance of decency in him.
By Sky! <3
Maxen has lead a rather tumultuous life here in 'Souls and beyond. He was a very troubled boy in his youth and ended up causing a lot of grief with a bunch of people. Since his first time within these lands, he'd lived in Anathema under the leadership of his sister, Aeron, but found her weak and useless; during his time there he'd gotten attacked multiple times and looked to her to help him but was left hanging.
This lead him to act out in the form of acting like a huge douchebag and enslaving whatever pretty thing he could get his hands on. Because he's an asshole. He gained many neat scars from a good few awesomely nice people and was nearly even killed once by a Cavalieri man.
He was taken with a Russian man he'd enslaved named Luka and became quite obsessed with the poor thing. This ended up breaking him after the normally submissive, shy male found the courage to leave... Maxen only had a couple things of his that he left and that was his dagger(which he still assumes Luka will come for one day because it seemed important to him) and his large coat which is oversized for the coydog, but he wears it obsessively during colder times.
There were multiple other things for Maxen having been broken aside from his precious slave running off, but not to make a long story longer... he had a very dark time where he was simply waiting to die and wasn't taking care of himself. Luka came back very briefly to save his life, Maxen had a mental meltdown and only vaguely remembers the short time he spent with him before he was gone again. Yuri took him away from 'Souls for him to heal, desperate for the young boy to not die.
And now he's back to be an asshole again, yay!
Same father, different mothers.
Half-Siblings. Aeron, Catrin, Ero and Ketsueki
Nieces & Nephews. Shizen, Rutilio Tormenta, Wraith Creed, Lucilla Key, Pride Tormenta, Kentaro Lykoi, Toshiro Ganesa
In-Laws. Charm Sawtooth, Isolde Sawtooth, Amorette Aston, Kohaku Amarok
NPC. Nikolai Yuri Aristov
Slaves. n/a
Past Slaves. Leon Hughes, Luka Mikhailov, Ashbrooke Ardes, Aurora Celere
Animal companions.
Catori- gypsy vanner appaloosa stallion
Felix- Fossa
By Sky! <3

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