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100% Timber Wolf Ortus
Height: 3'2" at shoulders
Weight: 108 lbs.
Height: 4'0" at shoulders
Weight: 173 lbs.
Height: 7'0"
Weight: 298 lbs.

Light gray fur, with a darker shade running from the top of his tail and up to his mane, yellow eyes. His fur is very scruffy and unkempt, since he cares more about studying more than grooming. He has a large handmade bag made from elk skin, that he keeps his Optime clothes in when he is in Lupus/Secui form. He wears a deep red button-up shirt with faded blue jeans, and a long black trench coat for when he's .

When in Optime form, Lukos can stand seven-feet tall. His height is largely based on his long legs. His muscle tone has lessened over the years, but he had a (minor) heart attack, and is trying to become more physically fit to keep in good health, with his core muscle strength focused on swordplay and distance traveling.

He has a scar on his left hip and another on the inside of his right leg, from the time he stumbled onto a bear's cave when he was one year and four months old. His right ear has a third of it missing from the top by fighting a bear. Lukos gained another scar from the blood ritual to enter Anathema on his left paw. A small scar sits below his right eye, while four tear-shaped scars line his left shoulder, each varying in size. A sizable scar sits over his left eye, vertically aligned. He also has four large scars running along his rib cage from fighting the same bear that ate a portion of his ear.
Friendly and considerate to pack members, calculating yet civil as allowed towards outsiders. Always puts himself between his pack and danger, no matter what the cost. He's extremely loyal and will not abandon the pack, preferring to out-think his opponents if diplomacy fails. He is very unforgiving against wolves and other canines who attack first and find a reason to do so later, or others who attack for the thrill of it, though often becomes the very thing he despises when faced with a threat to his immediate family.

His last pack taught him a couple things before they chased him out, like knowledge of small fruits and woodworking, skills and hobbies that help him to this day. He's somewhat sarcastic and comical when he is at ease, and always tries to get people to feel welcome. Has a soft spot for pups, although he's haunted by the memory of his daughter that died as a pup. Will always help someone if they are having trouble with something. Can be somewhat stubborn if he thinks something will hurt the pack instead of being beneficial. (Basically what I'm saying is that he has something of a hero complex, but that is just too broad of a topic).

After training with Mido on swordplay, Lukos overcame his fear of blades, now carrying one with him almost always. His most noteworthy ability in combat is his adaptability through observing his opponents, excellent against one on one fighting but takes longer than it's beneficial against large groups.

After a skirmish on Anathema's border in spring 2015, Lukos had a mental snap that slowly developed into DID, resulting in the creation of his alter ego, who had become to be known as Pita. Pita started out as a malevolent alter ego, torturing and driving Lukos to a dark place. But after much meditation and a revelation that changed his perspective, Lukos was able to come to terms with Pita, who in turn began to co-exist as a more obnoxious jokester than a psychopathic hindrance. Since then, the two have become even closer, despite their obvious differences, and rely on each other to stay alive and functional.

Still, his fragmented mentality often puts him in situations of life and death when he or loved ones have their backs up to the wall. In the worst case scenarios, Lukos will become feral if enraged to an extreme degree, the easiest way to do so is injury to someone he cares about. Abandoning his usual defensive and adaptable fighting strategy, if he reaches this point, the singular thought on his mind is to make sure the unlucky fool who did it lying face down in blood, regardless of his own condition.
Lukos' parent's were two omega's that met and bonded in the wild, and eventually had Lukos. When he was six months, his parent's wandered into a small pack's territory and were attacked for trespassing. They fought long enough for the attacking pack to pay no attention to Lukos as he ran away from the violence to the nearby riverbank. There a she wolf stumbled upon Lukos, who took pity on him and brought him to her pack until he was old enough to find a pack of his own.

There he was raised as a fisherman, but he was always a hunter, and he learned patience and observance through fishing. He was the only hunter in the pack, because everyone else preferred fish over meat. That gave him the advantage practice his bow skills. To show his usefulness, Lukos practiced with his dagger until he could take down a young buck with only one strike of his dagger. But this only made the fishermen more fearful of Lukos. When his foster mother died from a disease, the others began to become more hostile to Lukos, wanting him gone. Not wanting an extra mouth to feed, they also thought that since he was stronger than most of them that one day he would try to take control. They chased him out of the pack when he was 17 months old. Lukos headed north, hoping to find a pack that would accept him.

There he found Anathema, where he resides today. For much of the early beginnings in Anathema, Lukos came across as a rash and quirky member, but often knew when to keep his mouth shut from past mistakes.
Mother - Alis Sathis*
Father - Nathan Mikos*
Siblings - Unknown
Sons: Besekel Greyfire, Uriah Greyfire
Daughters: Song Greyfire

Lance - Met in the wild, and after traveling for a while, Lukos and Lance went their separate ways. Lance later joined Anathema to discover Lukos already there.

Rigby - Rigby joined Anathema sometime after Lukos, and the two became fast friends after realizing how similar they were.

*Both Mikos and Sathis are Greek names, as well as Alis.(Lukos is also the Romanized version of the Greek word that means 'wolf.')
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