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Hey I'm Amoris, if you'd like to have a thread with Veri girl feel free to pm me!
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Female 08 Oct 2011
25.5% Tundra Wolf, 40.5% Tibetian Wolf, 34% Arabian Wolf Ortus
Lupus Form: 136lbs, 26in high at the shoulder, 38in long.
Secui Form: 165lbs, 38in high at the shoulder, 46in long.
Optime Form: 149lbs, 5ft 9in

Veri's fur is mostly cream/white with some light grey dark points on her paws, ears, and tail, and a very light biscuit brown on her underbelly and over her bright, vivid sapphire eyes.
She prefers to be in her Optime form, and likes wearing strands of beads in her mane just behind her left ear. They are made of tightly rolled cloth so they make very little noise when she moves. On her back and chest she has several crisscrossing lines of scars. The fur there hides them mostly when she is in Optime, as she always makes sure her coat is smoothed down. The scars on her muzzle and wrists however are a little harder to hide. She wears thick leather bracelets to hide her wrists, and for her muzzle she just brushes it off as a nasty fight she got into.
For traveling she prefers Secui, as this form has more muscle, speed, and endurance. She wraps all her supplies inside the cloak and ties it off, so she can carry it in her mouth for maximum travel speed. When she stops to rest for the night it's Optime form, better suited to protect herself and tend the fire, if she has one. When in Optime she usually wears the cloak over her off-white trousers and blue open backed shirt.
Veri grew up quiet. She rarely spoke her opinion while she grew up, because it usually earned her a slap or crop across her shoulders or muzzle. But the benefit of being quiet is she became an observer, or a listener. She heard many things her father said and he never knew she was there. Another bonus to being quiet is it gives her the chance to hide her cunning. She likes watching things and figuring things out, puzzles and such. She also likes watching wildlife, when she isn't hunting it or running through it. She finds it peaceful, a way to forget the scars that cover her back and chest. She doesn’t get the chance much to see other wolves since she tries to avoid conflict, but she enjoys watching them too, how they act or react to things. In her spare time, say before bed or when she rests for a meal, she stretches and warms up, and then uses her staff or sword to practice and stay in shape. She hasn’t had to use her skills so far, except for hunting, and she doesn’t want to. She’s not violent, despite what environment she grew up in. If she has done no wrong and she is attacked, she will defend herself. If she deserves it then perhaps she won’t. She truly doesn’t know. She hasn’t been put up against a situation like that yet, and she hopes she doesn’t. She prefers peace either way.
However, the longer she's within Casa, she sees that pure peace and nonviolence is not possible, not for a pack of warriors, even for a healer such as herself. And she has changed, although unknowingly. At first she was very timid and quiet, but as she heals and develops she's become much stronger in character and personality. She's not quite as meek as before, nor as quiet. She's also found that she's not as submissive as her father made her out to be, she's actually quite dominant, although around friends this relaxes, and she'll always give respect to those ranked above her, but she doesn't take any crap any more. She can go toe to toe with the leaders of her pack if she must, if she thinks that a decision or action being taken is slightly off. She's not belligerent though, she still listens to what logic they might have in defense, and if they are right then she'll back down and support them, if not, she'll point out a different direction or viewpoint.
Veri was born in 'Souls but taken away from her mother by her father when she was very young. He used her for labor while she grew, but also enjoyed tormenting her in other ways, which she has a few scars from, mostly on her back, chest, paws, and muzzle. On top of labor and the occasional beating, her father taught her to fight with a sword, staff, dagger, and hand to hand, as well as some moderate martial arts, but never anything too heavy. Muscle built up in her frame, making her just a tad frightening if she changed to her Secui form. However, that just made her beatings worse to make sure she wouldn't try to jump on her father and run. But realistically, she couldn't leave him because she didn't think she had anywhere to go. That is, until her father captured another wolf. She didn't know for how long he was kept with them, but she was allowed a respite from her father's torments. However, instead of herself, they were directed at the male. It horrified her to see what was done to him, in some ways he was treated worse than she was. She tried to help him where she was able, give him morsels of food to boost his strength, a few more sips of water, even doctoring a few of his wounds a little so they didn't get infected. She was never sure how much he understood or remembered, but he did ask for her name, once. She gave it, and then he passed out cold. Eventually she learned his name from her father. Soon it actually became her job to care for him and make sure he didn't die before her father said he could. One night, he seemed strangely lucid, and, seemingly by accident, she left the door to his room open. The next morning, he was long gone. Her beating was severe that day, enough to where she couldn't move for a week, but her father didn't kill her, because he didn't suspect her of defying him and giving the male a way out. When she was well enough to move again, she decided she'd had enough and drugged her father so he'd sleep deeply all night. She took a black traveling cloak, a staff, a raptor sword, a jungle bowie knife, and a canteen of water, and left to search for the strange male. She'd known he was from 'Souls, so she headed there to start, knowing only his name. Rurik.
Since then she's found the dark furred male in the pack Casa di Cavalieri, and she's slowly healed from the damage her father has done, and she's helped Rurik too. She's made friends, moved up in rank, and grown to love her new home. She feels safe there.
Mate: Rurik Ivanov
Father: Soloman Secanti
Mother: Iona
Son: Alaric Ivanov
Daughter: Isobel
Adopted Son: Damon
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