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50% coyote, 25% timber wolf, 12.5% red wolf, 12.5% dog Ortus
Art by praykeCassandra is an albino hybrid, though her physical features are definitively coyote with her tapered muzzle, large pointed ears, and bottle-brush tail. At the size of a medium to large coyote, she is quite a bit smaller than most wolves and many dogs. Due to mild (and worsening) photosensitivity, she nearly always wears a grey-brown cloak while in Optime form and prefers to venture out at night or around dawn or dusk.

  • Silver flower pendant on pink ribbon around neck
  • Grey-brown hooded cloak
  • Small cut in left ear
  • Two inch scar running from left cheek to muzzle
  • Two unrelated gashes on upper right arm
  • Barely noticeable bite scars on left shoulder
Since her childhood, Cassandra has drifted through life with few anchors. Having had no one to depend on but herself, she was forced to hone her own skills in order to survive. Now proud of this self-reliance, she has a quiet arrogance she does well to mask, and takes a special joy in proving wrong those that underestimate her. All the same, she has a good idea of what she's capable of, and will not hesitate to flee from a fight she knows she cannot win.

An actress of reasonable talent, she often appears meek or docile in new company, rarely showing her aloof and indifferent nature to strangers unless she believes it beneficial in some way. She generally has no qualms about accepting favors or hand-outs come out of others' trust or pity.

While calculating and self-serving, Cassandra is prone to impulsiveness, with an strong inclination towards violence to free her from uncomfortable situations.

Skills: Small melee weaponry, close-range combat, deception, medicinal and poisonous herbs, horse maintenance.

Traits: Aloof, cautious, calculated, but occasionally impulsive

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Myrika Tears (sister), Arkham Lykoi (father)