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Inferni is a coyote-only clan first established in 2002. With a robust military hierarchy, Inferni's coyote culture is unique amongst 'Souls wolf packs.
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Female 02 Apr 2008
Coyote Hybrid -- must be at least ~33% coyote to join! Not Applicable
Beyond the Yahraw River lies the dark territory claimed by the coyote clan Inferni. Hardy trees grow anew among the fog-cloaked ruins of once-razed forests. To the east, mountains shadow the land and shelter a large cave system that serves as the clan’s den. Most distinct, however, is the coyote’s border decor: wolf skulls dangle from the trees or perch on pikes along the territory’s edge. The grim visual markers declare the coyote’s borders and serve as warning to would-be trespassers. Inferni is, and has always been, rather different from the rest of the groups of 'Souls. Inferni typically tends to attract two things: canines with a darker mind and a darker past, and canines of coyote descent. Although Inferni was originally founded as a coyote clan, for several generations now the clan has primarily consisted of hybrids of varying percentages. Inferni has been perceived as vicious, violent, and there are several negative stereotypes regarding the clan.
Inferni is one of the longest-running clans of 'Souls, existing in Bleeding Souls from October 2002 until April 2008. When the fire destroyed the former territories, Inferni was the only group of the former lands to survive the journey over the mountains, and the only group to reform on this side of the mountain range. Inferni's history is rich and laden with numerous conflicts, due to their aggressive stance in regards to wolves.

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