Cyril Kriete

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In Character

Male 11 May 2012
Husky-wolf mix
As a Husky mix Cyril sports a predominantly white and black coat, with dark cherry red (#330000) accents. The fur on his face is white, with black running in a strip down his muzzle. His fur is longer than the average dog mix, thanks to his wolf heritage, and his multicolored eyes, one brown and one pale blue, stem from his husky background.

Cyril is not a very large male standing in his optime form at 6"4. His body is slender, lined with lean muscle.
For a young male Cyril is very independent and aloof, not caring much for the lives of others. He finds it difficult to make friends due to his apathetic nature and is thus slow to warm up to those around him. He admires those who do not change for others. As a hobby Cyril enjoys taking things apart to learn how humans made them.
Cyril comes from a smaller family originating in northern Canada. The majority of his life was spent alone, which was okay, as he preferred to do things his own way. This attitude caused relative strife among the family, however. He was separated from them at 7 months of age during a snow storm. He has decided to travel on his own and has little difficulty managing survival tasks.
None on board.