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Male 30 Jul 2007
50% coyote, 25% timber wolf, 12.5% red wolf, 12.5% dog Ortus
Image Distant and aloof, Arkham -- who has not actually used his birth name for many years -- is generally wary of others and prefers to keep to himself. He has no taste for idle conversation, and will quietly excuse himself if he does not find himself interested or otherwise engaged. He is polite and well-spoken, but there is no pretense of caring.

Kharma Asylum harbors a deep-seated self-loathing of himself and his bloodline, though his prejudice against Lykoi typically applies to the male members of the family more than the females, and he cares deeply for all of his children.
Cassandra Asylum (daughter), Myrika Tears (daughter), Avaiki Asylum (daughter), Gehenna Asylum (son), Neraka Tarasova (son), Avernus Tarasova (daughter)
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