Alyssum de Fonte

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Alyssum de Fonte was born as an illegitimate child between a coyote mother and hybrid father. After being disowned by her traditionalist pack for harboring human artifacts, she spent her youth wandering. She briefly stayed in Inferni, her first home before moving on to cross across many Canadian-American territories and fighting in more conflicts than she could count.

In the spring of 2012, Alyssum had placed her roots in Casa di Cavalieri where she grew to become an alphess and mate to its founder, Jazper Rhiannon-Knight. She bore him three children before her mythical father appeared to summon her to her ailing mother in Europe. Unable to ignore the call, she abandoned her family and pack to reunite with her parents.

However, her return was not as swift as she had promised. Figments of past wars resurfaced and for years Alyssum lived life on the run. After four long winters, the ghosts were put down, and the weary wanderer made her way home.
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