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In Character

Female 22 Feb 2000
Kiva pelt is a silverish gray. She is very lean and muscular. Her eyes are a dark green shifting into a gold on the edge. She has adnormally large ears compared to others. Her silver pelt turns into white around her eyes and muzzle, and black around her tail tip. She is 14 months old. When she is in Optime stage she wears a light blue hoodie and shorts. She is very closed to others. She tends to keep to herself but once she lets you get close she is very emotional. She is also a eccedentiast, which means she tends to hide her feelings behind a smile. She is also very intelligent but she does not have a lick of sense. When she id with her friends she is reminded she is not alone and is more relaxed and happy but when she is alone she is tortured by her own mind. She always thinks she is not good enough and anything she does will help.
Her mother was a luperci so she became one. Her dad died before her brother was born so she doesn`t remember him. She had a younger brother and an older sister. Her younger brother was very sick and they traveled a lot searching every where for help. She was young at the time so she didn`t think any thing of it just thought it was nornal until one day she found her mother balling and after that she never saw her brother after that and her mother was never the same. Her mother would stay in one place and never move. Her sister had gone off and found a mate so she was left to take care of her mother. Then one day her mother just died and she was so heartbroken. She started walking in a direction not knowing were she was going.