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Female 07 Nov 2000
Hybrid (50% coyote, 25% dog, 25% red wolf) Ortus

Kaena is a very mixed hybrid -- she is mostly coyote, part red wolf, and part dog, with her dog ancestry consisting of Siberian Husky, Pharaoh Hound, Irish Wolfhound, and German Shepherd, among other things. She is rather lanky in stature, with long legs and a long torso. She is generally underweight, though if well-fed she can bulk up to just under a hundred and ten pounds in her Lupus form. Most of her size actually stems from her dog ancestry, as her heavy coyote and red wolf influences certainly contributed to her slighter Lupus frame.

She has many scars and was the first to bear a chaos star tattoo. She is missing her right eye; her left eye is a brilliant gold. Her eyesight in the remaining eye is failing very slowly, but very steadily, and has been since summer 2012.
In old age, she has become implacably stubborn, intrusive, and overbearing when it comes to family. She wants to be protective but is no longer physically capable of protecting; she tries to use her experience and brain to guide her family and Inferni both.
Born in northern Maine, Kaena came to 'Souls around a year old. She helped found Inferni and is the foundation of the Lykoi family, primarily due to her prolific breeding (and the continued tradition with some of her more prolific children).

She has resided in Inferni since June 2009, and served as Centurion from September 2009 to March 2011. She currently lives with her granddaughter Myrika Tears in the Great Village of Inferni.