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Odessa was born entirely black. Since she has begun to age, her pelt has lightened dramatically--she is now a mottled compilation of black, white, and reddish-brown. This dappled pelt has given her an advantage for daylight hunts, which she often accompanies her cousin on. She has orange eyes, like her mother. The hand of Eris is scared into her upper back. This is not yet decorated in any way.

Odessa always carries a brown messenger bag. Her bag is generally filled with empty or full glass jars depending on if she is coming or going, as she is always on the lookout for new plants to try and put into her concoctions. Other essentials in her bag are pens, a journal to write down her ideas or recipes, and a stone scorpion Can Tah she can hold onto while she prays. She never wears clothes as she finds them entirely too binding and unhelpful for her day to day activities which generally include crawling through bushes to find the perfect specimen. Her hair is naturally wavy and she switches between having it down or having it in a high pony tail depending on the task at hand. Unless she deems it absolutely necessary for the task at hand, she is always in her Optime form.

Most of the time Odessa resents being so small, cute, and fragile looking. She rarely tries to do anything to make herself look more feminine than she already is. She is fearful that being small will eventually hold her back on her career path of choice and that people won't take her seriously, so any decorations in her hair or accessories are usually out of the questions. This is with the exception of a golden ankh pendant on a gold necklace given to her by Imhotep Aabt, she wears this one piece of jewelry religiously.

OPTIME- In optime form, Odessa is willowy. Though she has no real height her daintiness creates the illusion of additional inches. Her hair, a dark brown-black shade, hangs down in back in loose curls, stopping near her Salsola brand. The fringe hangs thickly over her right eye. Odessa always wears an golden ankh pendant given to her by Imhotep Aabt.

SECUI- Odessa's least visited form. While most have impressive bulk and immense power, Odessa comes across as starved in this form. She had visited it only a handful of times since she gain the ability, yet she still finds it hard to move into that form.

LUPUS- In Lupus form, Odessa body could be considered that of a hybrid's. She has an almost coyote like posture, though she still has a definite wolfish quality to her.
Having never been raised in Khalif despite her birth there, Odessa's upbringing falls in line with that of her pack, Salsola. She believes in the hierarchy of the Family, though strives to impress her leaders in order to join the inner circle. In recent years this desire to please has become a consuming obsession. She had been slowly and unwittingly forming and illness within herself. Although her changes are minuscule and impossible for anyone else to see, her struggle is constant. She doesn't acknowledge this obsession, but instead when she loses her cool or gets in the zone she copes with her guilt by believing that she is possessed by the spirit of Tak.

Her mother and uncle have taught her about their gods, which Odessa believes in, though she is still learning about various things. She believes Tak is the one who originally gave her the power to give life and take life away and that he is very personally involved with her progression because of the dark color of her fur. She wants to please Tak equally as much as she wants to please the superiors in her pack. She has occupied a follower mentality, striving to be well behaved and obedient in order to secure her place within Salsola. Odessa is happy to do whatever to impress her elders. Due to the meekness of her personality it would be impossible for anyone to know how arrogant she actually is. She has complete confidence in her ability to kill and heal, almost to the point of having Grandiose delusions (GD), but she is unable to articulate her abilities or her beliefs in them in a clear and coherent way.

Odessa is constantly plagued by the fear that she will be ejected from Salsola so she acts carefully and always aims to aid Salsola in any way she can. Odessa is fiercely independent, prefering to at least attempt to do things herself before asking for help, which she has no problem doing. Odessa is also a medic. She is always expanding her knowledge by looking for new kinds of plants and writing in her medicine guide she made for Salsola. Her good nature and pleasant character would never approve of using poison to take a life personally (although she has no qualm over supplying pack-mates with generous amounts) but when possesed by Tak she does not consider herself responsible for her actions and is capable of almost anything as long it it promotes her esteem among her peers.
Odessa D'Angelo is the daughter of Wisteria D'Angelo and Eberhard Brandt. She was born in Khalif, the only living child from her mother's first (and so far, only) litter. She was mated to Imhotep Aabt before his death, and is currently a widow. Before Imhotep died they had two sons together, Ankh and Sol. She currently has the place of Confidant in her pack Salsola. She also works in the clinic located in Salsola territory at the Millstone Village. She helped to build it there and serves as the Curandero (Witch-Doctor) - a medic and poison expert.

Odessa is heterosexual and is widowed from a male mate. She does not talk about her sex life, as she is very private. She is completely faithful, and never cheated on Imhotep when he was alive. Additionally, Odessa believes a wolf can only love one other wolf, anything more is simply confusion. Due to her fascination with medicine and poisons the list of substances Odessa has tried is impossibly long to list. She has put anything in her mouth as long as she knew it wouldn't kill her. She is extremely experimental generally using herself as a test subject before trying one of her ideas on someone else.

Odessa believes in khalifism, the religion that is based on the region she was born at. She especially resonates with the God of dark wolves, Tak. She carries around a scorpion Can Tah and considers the scorpion to be sort of a protector over her house and family. She often grabs her Can Tah while praying fervently for wisdom and understanding from Tak. She believes that she is sometimes possessed by the spirit of Tak, in in those cases that she cannot control her actions. To Odessa, she is the chosen child of Tak and much of her personal life revolves around this relationship with him. She will sometimes preform sacrifices when she thinks that Tak demands it of her, but generally thinks the animals can be put to much better use when involved in experiments.
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