Tony Marino-Knight

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Wolf Ortus
Though as a child his fur was a RICH CHOCOLATE BROWN, it has darkened with adolescence to a DEEP ESPRESSO with EBONY BLACK tipping present along his dorsal fur. His eyes are a DEEP OCHRE, golden-yellow color.
Tony's build, even as a child, is very thick. While he doesn't reach his father's height, he surpassed him in muscles and broadness. This is both wired into his genetics and a product of continuous training. Fluffy fur adds to his appearance, adding extra size to him. This is fortunate as he wields a two handed claymore and is learning to be a blacksmith.
When in optime form, Tony wears his hair long and usually untied. This was started when Tony was reading a book about Greek warriors that would wear their hair long as a sign of aristocracy. Tony saw that his father was an Alpha, and decided to grow his hair out. When doing something practical, it is usually tied back with some gold ribbon.
In optime form, Tony usually wears a pair of beige cargo shorts that fall just below his knees. These are usually well kept and sewn (secure but scruffily) up in various places.
Tony is naturally dominant. And this led to a challenge for leadership with his brother Lorenzo. He is also very stubborn, yet incredibly protective over his family, one of the reason that has led him to be a warrior along with the recent war. He tends to be a bully to his siblings, but will not tolerate them being bullied by anyone but him. Tony likes to act the tough guy most of the time, but calms down in from of his female family members (siblings excluded). A strong leader, unafraid of most things.
A few things unsettle him however. Since his sister was taken captive in the recent war, he's naturally suspicious of AniWayan's, though he would never act violently to them unprovoked. He also gets a lot grumpier when the weather gets colder, due to an accident involving freezing water.
Born from Ghita Marino and Jazper Rhiannon-Knight, Tony lived his early puppy-hood in mild peace, had it not been for a snowstorm and accident--which included falling into frozen water--that made him begin to dislike the cold winters. He doesn't mind the snow, but he does become noticably more irritable during the colder months. As a younger puppy, Tony wished to be a hero and a warrior, as he grew he realised he had a talent and a clear liking for blacksmithing. Though he still wants to be a hero alongside his hobby.
Tony journeyed to Freetown with his mother and older brother around his first birthday, intending to board a ship to Italy, but changed his mind at a 'service port' a little further down the coast. He walked back to Freetown after saying goodbye to his mother and stayed there for a while to learn how to blacksmith. He purchased a horse for him and his father there too.