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Himalayan / Arabian wolf mix
Suthraki is very tall and lanky for his age, though his true size and appearance is often hidden behind his large and bulky dark green robe. He has a coat of silver fur with highlights of golden brown on his ears, back, and tail. His fur is commonly dirty, ragged and wet due to the amount of time he spends outdoors, traveling.

He is often seen wearing his large dark green hooded robe and various handmade necklaces. His robe contains several inside pockets that he uses to carry vials of liquids, herbs, and trinkets as well as small hunting gear. He carries and uses several small notebooks where he jots down ideas for experiments or inventions and records his travels. The robe makes him look bulky and much bigger in size.

He tends to walk slightly slumped over, but this is mostly due to the extra weight of his robe and its various items. Without his robe, he is quite spry and has very toned muscles. Aside from its practical and functional uses, he wears his robe to conceal several scars on his back and arms from various scuffles he's gotten into on his travels. The largest of these being a long gash down his right side that he received before leaving Egypt.
Suthraki is very kind at heart but weary of others. However, having been hurt by malevolent people on his travels, he is very suspicious of ulterior motives. He is interested (almost to the point of obsession) with human culture, science, and technology. He comes across as quiet and timid to most but opens up completely once he gets to know someone.

He is loyal, loving and very protective when it comes to friends and their children. He's learned to live by himself most of the time and seems very introverted but finds himself lonely from time to time and in need of companionship. His kindness is often misconstrued as weakness, to the chagrin of those who try to hurt him, his precious books, or those he calls friends.

In conversation, he has been known to use human analogies and references he's picked up from his reading that are rarely understood by others and thus come across as weird or foreign. Phrases like "Bite the Bullet" or referring to new discoveries as "Wicked" or "Rad" tend to draw furrowed brows from anyone within earshot. Many of his most commonly used phrases, including his mantra "Don't Panic" come from his favorite book, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, of which he has spliced together a complete copy from three separate pieces.
Originally born in Turkey, Suthraki moved to Egypt soon after when his parents joined a strict and extremely conservative cult/religion of the Egyptian God, Seth. Within this group, every young wolf must endure a "rite of passage" in which they are abandoned in a remote part of the desert and must make their own way back. On his way back, he discovered a buried human library and stayed there for almost two weeks, where he developed an interest in human culture, science, and invention. He returned to his tribe carrying books he had found in the buried building. Concerned, the elders forbid him from returning to the library. With his interest sparked, he went against the elder's wishes and returned to the library to collect as many books as he could carry and kept them in secret. Learning from them, he began putting the knowledge to use in the form of inventions, tool making, and eventually medicine. Scared of his new "powers" the elders ransacked his home, collected his books and publicly burned them before banishing Suthraki from the cult. On his own, Suthraki spent 5 months traveling the desert, in search of more libraries but found none. Curious if more books had survived in the West, he got on a boat heading across the ocean to North America.

Landed in New Orleans and obtained a single horse and small covered wagon. He left immediately and traveled alone throughout North America, avoiding any form of civilization for 2 - 3 months in search of more libraries with intact books. He headed north wanting to explore the "great city of New York" as he read about in some of his books. He carries his books, in various states of disarray, and trade-able items he's obtained in his wagon.
Mother: wolf, disowned/estranged
Father: wolf, disowned/estranged
Siblings: none