Willow Tlu'gv

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In Character

Female 16 May 2002
Mackenzie Valley Wolf
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Willow is an often soft-spoken female that has seen her fair share of the world. She knows the ins and outs of the mountain fairly well and can offer an exhilarating story to the eager ear. She is kind to all, but not above righting a wrong of asserting a show of discipline.

Close minded | Kind | Knowledgeable | Strict
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Willow grew up in a small familial pack, the oldest out of the few litters her parents had. When she was old enough to do so she left the pack to find a life for herself outside of it. She met Cypress and they settled on the northern side of Mt. Oromocto to raise a family of their own. After her mate's death, she joined Sangi'lak with her daughter Sequoia.
Mate: Cypress
Daughter: Sequoia Exultare