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Hybrid (56% dog, 25% coyote, 12.5% wolf, 6.25% red wolf) Ortus
Gehenna is a total mutt, but his outward appearance is almost entirely drawn from his mother's borzoi and saluki heritage. Gehenna's laid back, "floppy" appearing ears (they are capable of full erectness when he is alert); dolichocephalic shaped head with a long muzzle bearing virtually no stop; curly, double-coated fur; bodily shape and build, and various other features are all more apparently Borzoi than anything else in his blood.

Gehenna is an extroverted personality -- he likes being around others, making friends, and meeting new canines. He dislikes being alone and isolation immensely -- he is dependent on his group. He is agreeable, and not particularly headstrong -- he is willing to go along with the group on most things, primarily due to laziness.

He is superficially nice, and thanks to his talkative, outgoing personality and agreeable nature, he's fairly charismatic. In the end, though, he always thinks of himself first and will prioritize himself pretty obviously and overtly, if push comes to shove. As nice as he seems, he's definitely not a "loyal to the ends of the earth" friend.

Gehenna is decent with others -- he doesn't have much trouble figuring out motivations or relating to others, excepting where a canine has an extremely strange/different perspective from him. He's also not great at scheming or seeing the "big picture" of someone's actions -- he's better in the moment and in conversation, reacting to what he perceives.
Born in a group of gypsy dogs, Gehenna was raised by his mother Aleksei and his older half-brother Domovoi. Gehenna did not know his father until he was some months old. When Arkham returned, this caused a fight between Gehenna's older brother and his father. His mother was killed in the midst of this by his older half-brother; Gehenna was hurt. His father was severely injured and spent some weeks in recovery amongst the dog group. When Arkham moved on, Gehenna followed, eventually ending up in Inferni.
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