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Wolfdog Ortus
Skoll is a large wolfdog with yellow fur and a green eye. He is broad-shouldered and muscular, with a curled tail. In his Optime form, he has thick, unkempt blonde hair. Other notable features include a green sun tattoo on his shoulder, a missing right eye, and a small scar across the bridge of his muzzle. Skoll is bold, sociable, and very dominant. He is arrogant and often bullies or belittles others. At the same time, however, Skoll is very protective of his loved ones and often plays the hero. He is is well-known for being dramatic and moody when he isn't being a jerkass or goofball. You either love him or hate him.
Skoll Haskel is the Seneschal of Cour des Miracles. He is the son of Vigilante Haskel, the former King, and Ayita Catori. Always an ambitious child, after the death of his mother by a nameless killer, Skoll climbed through the hierarchy of the Court while bullying others and seeking vengeance for her murder, severing ties with many of his family and even taking innocent lives in the process.

His father's death followed, and Skoll's bitterness for the man's perceived neglect of him fought grief as his sister Charlotte Haskel became Queen in his stead. Swearing to defend the weak and become a Knight of the pack, Skoll rose further still -- but found his new title of Seneschal was little more than ashes in his mouth when his sister drowned. A sinner still, he nonetheless fought to protect his loved ones, even (and especially) if it meant spilling blood.

Skoll was one of the main instigators of the Inferni-Cour des Miracles War and lost his eye in battle. After the conflict, he retreated to a quieter life in the Court, settling down with his mate, Aurelya Shandara. A year later they had a daughter, Galilee Haskel -- but Aurelya went missing a few months after the girl's birth. The single father struggled with grief and over-protectiveness, but with the help of friends and empathy for Lee, he became a better parent (if still not an excellent role model).

Despite speaking out against usurper Mistral de l'Or, Skoll was not part of the Winter of Tarnished Gold's ultimate rebellion. Conflicted over his friend Silvano Sadira's lies and downfall, and the revelation of Mistral's connection to his family, he sought distraction. At the cusp of spring, Skoll began a romantic relationship with his friend Dreyma Dawnbringer -- but though it was meant to be casual, Dreyma became pregnant. Skoll would raise his two new children -- Oberyn and Issola -- once again as a single father.
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