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Skoll is a large wolfdog with yellow fur and a green eye. He is broad-shouldered and muscular, with a curled tail. In his Optime form, he has thick, unkempt blonde hair. Other notable features include a green sun tattoo on his shoulder, a missing right eye, and a small scar across the bridge of his muzzle. Skoll is bold, sociable, and very dominant. He is arrogant and often bullies or belittles others. At the same time, however, Skoll is very protective of his loved ones and often plays the hero. He is is well-known for being dramatic and moody when he isn't being a jerkass or goofball. You either love him or hate him.
Skoll Haskel is the son of Vigilante Haskel, the former King, and Ayita Catori, one of three puppies born into their second litter. The trio had a happy childhood; Skoll was a bold, bright youngster, if already a dominant personality. However, his life shifted when his mother was murdered. His ambition and desire for vengeance got the better of him as he climbed through the ranks, becoming violent and severing ties with his loved ones. An attempted act of revenge led to the death of innocent lives, and the young prince began to realize that he was a tarnished soul.

More tragedy followed; Skoll's father, a figure he saw as distant in youth, deteriorated and died -- leaving Skoll's sister Charlotte Queen in his stead. Though Skoll felt like the crown was wrongfully taken from him, he drove himself to protect the weak and become a Knight of the pack, a title quickly earned. He later became the Court's Seneschal, part of the Royal Council, shortly after his sister's apparent drowning. This latest death cemented his intense desire to protect his loved ones, especially if it meant spilling blood.

Skoll was one of the main instigators of the Inferni-Cour des Miracles War and lost his eye in battle. After the conflict, he retreated to a quieter life in the Court, settling down with his mate, Aurelya Shandara. They had a single daughter, Galilee Haskel, before Aurelya went missing. Skoll struggled with his grief and over-protectiveness, but with the support of friends and empathy for Lee, he mended his relationship with his daughter.

Despite speaking out against usurper Mistral de l'Or, Skoll was not part of the Winter of Tarnished Gold's ultimate rebellion. Conflicted over his friend Silvano Sadira's lies and downfall, and the revelation of Mistral's connection to his family, he sought distraction. A romantic tryst with his friend Dreyma resulted in an accidental pregnancy; despite efforts to make things work, Dreyma left the Court, leaving Skoll to raise his two new children, Oberyn and Issola, once again as a single father.
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