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Ki'somma it not that different in appearance from the rest of his kind. He has the same coloration as you would see on any other Cougar, a butterscotch like coloring easily seeming to faze out with a hint of white, covering him from head to toe. the back of his ear seems to slowly fade from that color into a jet black as it works its way up to the tip. Same goes for his tail as only half a quartar from the tip of his tail turns from light butterscotch to jet black. The only sighns of pure white are his mouth and chin which seemed to be surrounded by jet black that blends immediatly right back into his butterscotch like fur. White fur seems to be dominant from under his belly, the inside of his thighs and front legs as well as his chest though it does have flecks of his natural butterscotch within it, making it not completely white. Green is his natural eye color.

Ki'somma's size at first glance, easily rivals that of a large lupus wolf, and may stand eye to eye compared to secui as well, though is not as bulk as he maintains a sleek and flexibal body of any feline

During his time with luperci, Ki'som did recieve some body jewelry. On his left ear, 3 silver studs can be seen lining the back of his ear from top to bottom, two studs are only silver while the one in between the two holds an onyx stone to resemble night.

His right ear also holds 3 silver studs with the middle one holding a diamond instead, the diamond resembling Day
Ki'somma is overall, a hyper active cat, but somewhat calm at the same time. He is usually very friendly and approachable, though is feral at heart, and can be a hot-head when it comes to certain things such as insults and other minor things. Dominance is something he prefers to keep nuetral in posture but will always show respect as far as to what he says. He also has a short attention span as to if something more urgent or interesting arises, he is quick to investigate and continue whatever he was doing later. That said, where Ki'som was raised in the ruins of human cities, he grew an unbreakable habit of collecting human artifacts of all kinds, finding them as strange oddities to look at and store within what residence he has, especially that of shiny quality (hence, his silver studs)

Ever since his intergration into canine life, Ki'somma's outlooks on canines and luperci alike changed from hostile to curious as he finds their need to stay together as a family oddly comforting. Though at times, he may feel alienated due to his species ways of living not to his liking, along with him knowing he's not canine either. He will usually use this as motivation to do whatever he can to help out where ever he can.

Ever since that fateful incident, Ki'som quickly grew a reckless hatred for bears and anything that has to do with them. Ever since then, he promised himself, whatever bear dare cross his path, he will kill, and leave its body to rot in whatever place he killed it. Though, the incident also led to him having a large soft spot for the young, whether canine or cougar since the Alpha's son, who was only five months of age, also died at the claws of the bears the day he was banished. This reason will usually lead him to being suicidally protective of pups when they're around.

Due to him knowing he is not canine, he is used to canines and luperci confronting him hostile like. This lead to him not caring unless his words of reasurance aren't heeded. If his words are continued to be ignored, he will then turn hostile himself.
Ki'somma was born the 12th of September, 2009 as the only member of his litter to survive. Like any other Mountain Lion, his mother took care of him for only 12 months of his life in a well secured and sealed off area from where Wolves, Coyotes, and Luperci alike could not reach them, stuck between the ruins of an old crumbling city, and long overgrown and dense forests as well as the appalachian Mountains. This gave Ki'som a wide range of territory to explore and adapt to. Though he usually spent more time exploring the ruins of the crumbling city then anything else, giving him a natural born feel to traverse the many floors of decaying and potentially life threatening buildings and skyscrappers.

Ki'som's mother eventually kicked him out of her territory at the age of 12 months, leaving him to find his own way in the world. He made his way east, eventually marking his own territory in a suburban/city setting known only to the humans as Boston. But no sooner did he make his mark did he find that a pack of Luperci kept invading it nonstop, him having to keep chasing off individuals that tried to chase him off in turn. Eventually it was found that not only was his territory in danger, but placed right in the middle of a newly forming luperci pack that made their claim only a few days after Ki'som's.

Ki'somma wasn't originally named Ki'somma Na Nipahem. He was given the name by the Luperci who kept getting run out of the Mountain Lion's claim. Ki'somma Na Nipahem means "Sun and Moon" in Native American, given that each time they went to attack, he would be awake, not seeming to need sleep whether it be night or day. Some Luperci even took to calling him "The Restless Spirit" for his constant alert behavior. The pack Alpha eventually got so annoyed with Ki'som's presence that he took the liberty of facing the cat himself. But as he arrived at the borders of Ki'som's claim, he greeted the cat, not with hostility, but a friendly talk which Ki'somma had a hard time following along with the difference in both their dialects. The Alpha, who was actually more impressed then angry at the Cat's will to stand against an outnumbering wolf pack, gave Ki'som the option to merge both their claims, and become apart of the pack as well as get its benefits. Ki'som accepted only a few days later, exhausted by the constant harassment.

Unlike most of his kind, Ki'som found pack life more favorable compared to his old solitary life, though most of the wolves within the pack kept to themselves. He eventually grew a strong bond with a canine named Chayton who was originally tasked with driving Ki'som out of his territory. On multiple occasions, they saved each other from aggressive Loner's, unstable buildings, and bigger predators, both seeming to grow a brother like friendship over the next two years.

It all so easily fell apart as one day, Ki'som was walking with the leadership and his son through the old ruins of Boston, deep within their own territory. It all seemed normal until a pair of feral bears escaped the darkness of the nearest building. Ki'som was easily taken by the ambush, knocked out with one blunt hit of the bears massive claws. He woke up several hours later, two bodies littering the ground not far from him. When finally fellow pack members came forth to aide, all they saw was the body of their alpha, and a giant cat virtually unscathed. They didn't even bother to ask questions as they instantly attacked the cat, forcing him to run north, out of the territory.

Even though he was chased out, Ki'som stayed around and attempted to talk to them in anyway he could, but to no evail. Until finally his friend Chayton came forth. He told the cat that he was no longer apart of the pack, but brightened his day a bit as he told his cat friend that he was coming with him where ever he went. But only if Ki'som went far North, as far as he could go, and lay sites of fresh kill down for him to follow while he got his stuff. It did not make much sense to Ki'som, but he still wanted to hold on to that little thread of hope that he hasn't lost everything yet, and so he did what his friend asked, traveled north into the unknown