Beatriç del Fraysse

Out of Character

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Up for adoption!

Beatriç is up for adoption! Please contact Tammi by PM or by email (image) if you would like to adopt her.

Also refer to Tammi's Adoption page on the Wiki for more information about terms of adoption. Luckily, Beatriç is an adoptable with a 'loose' contract, so terms are more laid-back than for other characters!

In Character

Female 03 Jan 2010
Wolf x Coyote Hybrid Ortus
Beatriç is a pale-coloured wolf with a smattering of brown and gold in her fur. For the most part, a medium gray mixed with a light brown dominate her fur, with a lighter underbelly and darker shoulders and back. Her eyes are brown.

  • Pavlova (#d9c7a3): main pelt colour
  • Spring Woof (#F7F7F0): underbelly and underside of muzzle
  • Arrowtown (#978A72) and Pine Cone (#6E5A4E): lowlights on upper face and neck
  • Barley Corn (#A88A62): back
  • Anzac (#E0B851): eyes

Since she is a wolf-dominant coyote hybrid, she represents her mottled blend of wolf heritage much better than she does her coyote heritage. Beatriç is thickly-built, with a strong frame and round muzzle.

25% Eastern Timber Wolf · 25% Labrador Wolf · 25% Plains Coyote · 22.5% Arctic Wolf · 2.5% Tundra Wolf
Beatriç is a kind-hearted individual who always sees the best in others. She tries, she really does, but ultimately, her poor grasp of social situations and her tendency to blurt her thoughts out make it difficult for her to effectively communicate with others. Her poor grasp of English also complicates things.
Beatriç was born in Northern Quebec in January 2010. Her mother became pregnant after an extended tryst with a traveler who had been passing through nearby neutral grounds. Her mother guided him through the neutral territories and sent him on his way to Nova Scotia before returning home. Once she discovered she was pregnant, she decided to seek out his birthpack to see if she could locate him. Four months after Beatriç and her brother were born, they and their mother set out to locate their father's birthpack. Upon their arrival, they were disappointed to learn that he had not returned from his destination. Although Beatriç's mother was disappointed that she would not be able to give him the good news, she decided to return to her home.

Beatriç grew up in a community in coastal Quebec. She decided to set out for Nova Scotia to see if she could find her father.
Mother: Ysabet
Brother: Francesch
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