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Casa di Cavalieri
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In Character

Male 13 Sep 2012
25% Italian Wolf, 25% Scottish Wolf, 25% Rough Collie, 12.5% Gray Wolf, 12.5% Irish Setter Ortus

Full body:

Lupus: 36 inches

Secui: 48 inches

Optime: 7"2 - Always clothed and usually seen wearing his Casa Rank Cloak (Corpo - lined with fox fur).

Scars: No scaring, missing top of right ear
- Over Confidant
- Serious exterior, sarcastic and fun loving to friends
- Easily bored / Thrill seeker
- Protective
- Loves horses / Hates bugs
Born in Casa di Cavalieri with four other siblings, Grynn, Isla, Cara [still-born], and Callum in September 2012.

Please see Luca's wiki for more information.
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