Levent Kartal

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In Character

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Wolf Ortus
Levent is an amiable and quirky character -- memorable. His smiles are quick and easy, his speech flavored with a Turkish accent and peppered with foreign phrases and endearments. He is flirtatious and would be considered a smooth-talker if his speech wasn't so fast and unusual. He's often recalled as the funny foreigner, the peddler of various wares, and about the last one you'd consider a threat.

Worldly canines will recognize that most of what Levent presents is a front, and that he's really kind of a slimeball. Despite an extroverted and friendly nature, he is immensely private and hides parts of himself away. He's flighty and has difficulty setting down roots -- wandering both from home and from his partner's bed to look for something new. His morals are loose and his intentions shamelessly selfish. Persuasive and good at playing a simpleminded and funny man, Levent is a dangerous predator to the naive.

The only time Levent will act selflessly is when tending to an animal -- from cats to horses to exotic birds and other livestock, Levent is an animal lover and often accompanied by his own little menagerie.

A rough history with near-death experiences and religious fanatics has instilled a sense of fanaticism in him, too; while Levent usually isn't dangerous to anything but someone's wallet or innocence, there are rumors that he will do anything to obtain the gift of immortality...