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Everly generally favours her Secui form for travel and Optime for socialising and working.

Everly has the dark points and shading of a Siamese cat. A rich chocolate envelops her muzzle, fading into a warm beige just above her eyes. Her paws, ears, tail and half of her rump sport a similar deep colour, all lightening gradually into the same honeyed colour which covers most of her head and shoulders, her chest and underside, back and flanks, until it fades into the darker points of her extremities. These points tend to be lightest during the Summer, a warm coffee, and darken during the coldest months to a dark chocolate, just as the cream in her coat darkens to warm honey.

Her fur is long, with a satiny gloss and a slight wave, and has grown in the past year and more since she was in 'Souls. In Optime form it reaches mid way down her back; sometimes she'll put it up in a messy bun so as to keep it out of her eyes.

Her build is tall and muscular, though still a little narrower than average. Her hips do have a curve which, coupled with a long, slender neck and a narrow top half, make her appear a little pear-shaped, especially in her Optime form. Her ears are large and widely spaced while her muzzle is long and slim. Her tail is also long, and has a slight kink a few inches from the tip. Everly's paws are small and deft, but not delicate. She has considerable flexibility and balance and can move quickly and quietly.

Everly has no tattoos or piercings but she does frequently wear a blue jay feather on a simple loop around her right wrist. Since joining AniWaya she took to wearing a “tool belt” made from a loop of vine, which held several herbs, but now holds a slim dagger alongside them.

In Optime form Everly will sometimes wear a simple long shirt which reaches down to a few inches above her knees but most of the time her fur is bare.
Everly is quite outgoing and confident, and can usually be found with a smirk or a smile on her face, although her smiles are in no way dreamy or absent. Her head's rarely ever in the clouds and there's near constant awareness in her gaze.

She's prone to sarcasm and loves to banter with people, to joke around, and every now and then her impish side is revealed. Although Everly loves to make others laugh her own outlook isn't the most positive. She's a hard worker but after caring for ailing relatives for a year she tends to shy away from the very young or the very old, at least emotionally. However she's very protective of her loved ones and has a strong dislike for those who take family, friends and security for granted.

Everly is more of a reluctant spiritualist than anything else. She grudgingly accepts the fact that some can see what others can't, but keeps her own particular gifts at bay with a mixture of herbs and redirection of her energies.

Everly is an avid climber, very nimble on rocks and trees. She has a great fondness for nature; it represents freedom and possibilities to her.
Everly and her siblings were born into a large, closely linked but secluded family. Her upbringing was secure and happy and she was particularly close to her brother Einarr (then known as Rordan Skyfall). Family was of the utmost importance and the pups were doted on.

The family weren't completely isolated - they had an alliance with a neighbouring pack and it was a steady one until Everly and her littermates were approaching their first birthdays. Wolves from the larger allied pack began to encroach on the Skyfalls' hunting grounds. With Everly's parents well past their prime and the family being at a disadvantage in terms of numbers of fit adults, their neighbours quietly took more and more land until food was becoming scarce and scuffles were breaking out.

With scuffles turning into full-blown fights and a threatening feeling in the air, something had to be done. And with their older relatives made weaker by the lack of rations and their efforts to secure food, the kids would have to be the ones to do it.

Everly and Einarr's parents had never wanted them to see a battle, let alone join one, but with the lives of family on the line they did so anyway. Little did Ev know that her brother didn't want her to be there either. She never saw the blow coming; what she did see, although she doesn't know whether it was real or imagined, was her beloved brother being taken down by another wolf.

Ev woke up back home, and she woke up angry. But soon her mind had to be put to other things. Her father was incapacitated with little chance of recovery; her mother was too heartbroken to care for him properly. The task fell to Everly, and for over a year she nursed her father.

During that time the old man began to tell his daughter about spirits. Everly was a skeptic for a long time, appeasing her father but never truly believing. But when her father drew his final breath, Everly felt something: her brother. The sensation lasted only a moment, short enough for Everly to brush it off but just long enough to make her wonder.

Everly's mother died shortly after her father, and the young woman was hungry for a taste of the freedom circumstances had denied her. Her birth pack had been almost isolated, so Ev set out to find a more populated area, all the while trying to ignore the strange sensations offered by spirits - or maybe just her imagination.

In 2011 Everly ventured to 'Souls and joined AniWaya, although she didn't stay long. She took off to battle against the scenes and faces which would show themselves in her mind's eye and believes she has won that battle. Returning to 'Souls, Everly has had her fair share of small fights but is still awaiting something greater than her own life to fight for.
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