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Though about average for a female in Lupus form, Brandy appears dainty and slight in frame. She is predominantly legs and muscles, not disproportionately, but it shows more due to a sleeker coat. She has a thicker mane than most, reminiscent of her auburn curls in Optime form. Though painted almost completely in mine-shaft black (#353434), she has sweeps of auburn (#af5804) down her spine, forehead and neck. Her features are sharp, almost pointed and her muzzle is slightly tapered and less broad than that of a female. She has a long sweep of a cloud for a tail, complimenting her supple form. Her claws are coal (#161313) colored while paw pads and nose are scorpion grey (#695F62).

In Secui form, Brandy is almost indistinguishable from her Lupus form. Her body bulks up, giving her a more puissant frame, and her muscles emphasized and brawny. Her legs are still considerable, though appear less under the thicker, longer coat of fur. She still keeps her auburn markings, however, the hue becomes a lot more visible, and extends for longer down her spine and also along her shoulders.

Even in Optime form Brandy possesses her long legs and sleeker coat. She has a sculpted frame, toned muscles and is well-endowed at the chest. Her thick mane gives way to long curls that fall softly midway down her back. It clings around her face, emphasizing her distinctive features. She maintains good posture in this form, giving the illusion she is much taller than in truth.
This is her preferred form.

Her eyes are two sparkling orbs of mystery—distinctive, not-so-ordinary mantis green (#74C365), set in an abundant, large visage. Her right possesses a small sliver of walnut brown (#773F1A). She will hold your gaze captive with her own, dominant but never discourteous. Seldom belligerent, her poise is developed with confidence, vivaciousness, and non-confrontational attitudes.

Her inner right thigh has a small area reminiscent of a burn. Given to her by a stranger who is firmly out of memory, she has decorated the area with a small heart-shaped tattoo. This is the only disfigurement she possesses, for now.


Her garments are simple. She is always seen in a simple sprout (#C1D7B0) colored dress, hand-made. Other accessories include a cowboy hat and boots, both made from cow-hide leather. She decorates her hair with a single flower, and keeps a flower bracelet around her wrist. She carries with her an aged wooden guitar.

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She has a thick southern accent. As such, she will speak quieter than most in conversation, trying to bring less attention to it. However, when she sings, it is melodious. She is charming with her words, and well-spoken.

Brandy Mae is country at heart. She is mild-mannered, polite and easy-going. She doesn't tolerate foolishness, and is not afraid to tell things as they are. Some would call her stubborn, but she simply trusts in her convictions and stands by them no matter what.

She is a very intelligent creature, though can sometimes be seen as naive due to her kindheartedness. She always seeks to learn new things, and improve the knowledge she already has. She has a knack for managing difficult situations, and can formulate decisions relatively quickly when required. She is a listener above all, always willing to lend an ear to those around her.

Though her family were devout believers in God, she has yet to discover her own beliefs. She is open-minded to the world of the unknown, and is courteous to those who do have strong beliefs or religions.

She has respect for others, but doesn't allow them to take advantage of her. When it comes to the opposite sex, she is sweet, sensitive and self-sacrificing. But she also demands loyalty and respect, otherwise she feels trapped and constricted, and will seek to end the relationship.

In a nutshell, Brandy is bubbly, bright, strong-willing, and down-to-earth. She is kind, warmhearted, and generous. She has a good sense of humor and is full of fun. She is adventurous by nature, and she loves to goof around and play, especially if there is water nearby. (Water fight, anyone?)

She will often give to others and not expect anything in return, and is a firm believer in giving others the benefit of the doubt. She tries not to take things too seriously if she can, as she believes life is just too short for negativity. She will often sing to herself or to others to try and make the world a little brighter. She is a hopeless romantic.

She has a lawful-good alignment.

Skills: Singing, playing guitar, sewing, hunting, fishing, painting, reading, writing, cooking, tracking, basic first aid

Likes: Nature, good conversation, exploring, watching the sunrise/sunset, stargazing, deep conversations, singing, walking in the rain, romance, play fighting, meeting and making new friends, helping others, playing guitar, learning and studying new things

Dislikes: Hatefulness, obnoxiousness, fighting, arguments, sexism, racism, killing without necessity, disrespect, anger, liars, hypocrites, mistrust, being walked over, being misled, being alone

Fears: Rape, torture, death, losing her sight, being a failure or disappointment, letting others down, bringing disrespect to her family, never finding love or a home to call her own
Brandy Mae was born and raised in Harlan, Kentucky by her father. Her mother vanished with Brandy's brother after giving birth to him. She never met her brother, and doesn’t know of his existence. As far as Brandy knows, her mother is dead.
During her younger years, her father raised her well. She has the traditional southern belle mannerisms, but also has a very masculine streak. She was taught that even though being a lady was important, surviving was more important. They travelled a lot, selling her father’s leatherwork and working for others to make ends meet.
When her father got cancer, she provided for him, expanding on her hunting skills and first aid to try and make him comfortable. It was during his final days that he gave Brandy her possessions (hat, boots and guitar) and told her to explore the world and live life. When he finally passed, Brandy didn't hesitate to take his advice and leave the small town behind.
Over time, she travelled to a variety of different locations, improving her skills and trying to spread kindness wherever she went. It was during this time that one stranger attacked her for no reason, other than he didn’t like the sound of her guitar, leaving a burn on her inner thigh. To hide the disfigurement, Brandy stumbled across a tattooist and got it covered with a small heart.
She came over to Nova Scotia via boat, trading her skills for passage. She cooked and fished for the crew, and often sang for them with her guitar.
She has no current place of settlement, though is eager to explore and find somewhere permanent.
Mother: Savannah Buford
Father: Noah Buford
Brother: Braydon Michael Buford

Love Interest: Wayne McCoy
Best Friend: Priam Nothing
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