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In Character

Male 08 Jul 2009
Dog Ortus
(50% Siberian Husky 50% Labrador Retriever)
Body: Lean, Muscular
Fur: Medium length, double coat
Primary Coat Color: White
Back Stripe and Ears: Tan
Mask: Black
Legs: Brown
Left Eye: Blue Bottom Half / Brown Top Half, Right Eye: Blue

Optime Details
Hair: Short-Medium, Light Brown with Blonde Highlights
Height: 6'6"

Nat Optime
Nat Secui
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Sugarpoultry Optime
Jada Lupus
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Avatar Me

    Quiet at first
    Fun loving
    Overly serious at times
Leaving his family behind in North America, Mido found his way to 'Souls'. Beginning a new life, he joined Anathema and became a warrior amongst them. Living there a little over a year he worked hard to prove himself an asset to the pack, and made his way through the ranks. When the former leaders abandoned them he was asked by Aeron Ganesa to be the Rakeeb and help lead Anathema.
Father: Ellan
Mother: Celile
Sister: Sakran
Dance with the Devil
Pack Membership Three MonthsPack Membership 6 MonthsPack Membership 1 YrPack Hunt ParticipationThreaded with 5 AnathemansAchieved a co-rank Marbas