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Kennedy Fisher was born Kennedy Frost in Mer Bleue to Howell Frost and Kizzie Horne, alongside a single sister, Lou Frost. Running away from home in the winter, uncomfortable and angry at his mother's attempt at upbringing her children as "proper girls," he was rescued from the cold by Ephraim Fisher, an old eunuch who eventually became his father figure; Kennedy took his surname.

Ephraim led Kennedy to AniWaya, where Kennedy became a scout and lived with the Tribe until Ephraim died of illness. Distraught, Kennedy abandoned AniWaya and traveled back north for two years.

Kennedy was shaped by the wilderness and became more in tune with himself—namely, no longer denying his dysphoria and beginning to identify as a male. He made his way back to Nova Scotia in the summer of 2015 and came across an annoying girl who told him about Inferni. Led by a distant cousin, he joined the clan in hopes of reuniting with his sister again.

He notably served in the Inferni-Cour des Miracles war, participating in several fights against the Court.
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