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Lily gets much of her looks from her mother, taking on the predominantly tawny fur, as well as pale, creamy underside, and dark ears. Evidence of the common Lykoi family roan-red mask is apparent in small chevrons beneath each eye. Her eyes are the same as her father’s, a pale apple green color. Her frame is rather petite and lithe, reflecting her dominant coyote heritage. Lily Storm is a rather independent girl with a strong heart. She tends to be bold and blunt, often speaking her mind without sugarcoating her thoughts. However, that is not to say that she isn’t truthful. She appreciates a dark sense of humor and can be rather sarcastic at times, which aids in her general aloofness. Despite her coy, gorgeous looks, there is some sense of strength in her soft feminine features - perhaps an embodiment of the Lykoi blood in her veins.
Lily was born 21 October 2012 outside of Nova Scotia, as the only surviving pup of the litter. Her birth occurred while her father was off in search of Ezekiel, so she grew accustomed to constant movement and a lack of settlement even from the beginning. She an her mother arrived in Salsola in early February.
Father: Sirius Revlis
Mother: Clover Love Lykoi

Siblings: Larkkin Star Revlis, Lokr Revlis
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