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Dog-- Australian Shepherd Ortus
Bambi's appearance isn't unfamiliar to her breed. She sports a docked tail, which is common in working dogs of all types. She also has an 'X' engraved on the inner part of her left ear, which has proved to be permanent scarification. This marking was used in the camp to both dehumanize her (ha) and identify her. Workers were not allowed to go by their birth names, instead, Roman numerals of all values were were assigned. The 'X' translates to the number five in Roman numerals and she considers this to be her second name.

She has three deep, fleshy scars going down both of her outer thighs. These once painful, self-inflicted wounds are now simply healed markers of where the injury once was. It is clear that the markings were made by claws of some sort.

Her orbs are two seemingly bottomless pits of azure, darkening shade-by-shade as the color closes in around her pupil. Surrounding her eyes are two splotches of black fur, marking her face similar to that of a coon. If one was to look closer and had able eyes, they may be able to spot the small white hairs that are speckled around these once spotless rings.

Above her eyes are medium sized spots the color of milk chocolate, one above each eye. They serve the place that eyebrows would on a human, raising to demonstrate surprise and growing closer and lower out of anger or confusion. Seeping downwards (nearing the base of her maw,) the same brown color reappears, taking over her jaws and base of her neck. Her underbelly and paws are a very light cream. Or, to the further viewing audience, white. This color overtakes the majority of her paws and legs, halting only at the back part (along where a person's elbow would be,) of her columns to allow more brown to add slight coloration. The rest of her body, other then the tip of her tail, (Which is a mix of brown and white.) is black.

Build: Due to the strict breeding regulations her slave masters followed in order to have only the strongest 'workers', Bambi is not much smaller then your average wolf.

Forms: While in full form Bambi's mane stretches to fall amost like human hair would. The lengthened fur hangs down her back in one, or sometimes two, large braids. Her hair is silver ombre. For clothing she uses a deer-skin cloth, along with a brown fanny pack. Before shifting to lupus form she loosens the pack all the way, allowing her body to alter itself and still maintain wearing the belt so she does not have to put it on again. In her halfling form she is much too large to do this, and usually goes without any wear.
NOTE: Bambi suffers from post traumatic stress disorder from her previous life at the camp. It may be triggered by almost anything. You have been warned~

Bambi speaks much more than she once did. She still does not completely feel comfortable with talking, and any extreme state of emotion can hinder her ability to do so. She often trips over her words, stutters, and becomes frustrated with herself quite easily on this level.
The Lafron girl still tends to use body language more then the average (more humanized) canine. She has trouble understanding boundaries of others, since in being a slave, she wasn't allowed to have any of her own.

Bambi has a mass of talents- Ranging from taming and creating things, to working with items that are known to cause death. She knows how to work with knives/daggers, but normally uses this skill to carve things to her liking.
Since she was used to hunting and skinning game for her slave master, it is no surprise that she tends to hunt alone. She usually sticks to smaller prey, due to the fact that they are much easier to catch.

Spiritual- idkdidkdkd what to put here yet

Untrusting- Bambi has learned that, maybe, not every one has her best interest at heart. It was a tough lesson, and one that required her to get burned before fully understanding. Despite her general reservedness, there are some canines that she feels she can open up to immediatly. It's hard to exactly pin-point what she bases this off of. When she does allow herself to get close to someone, she tends to cling on a bit tightly.

Impulsive- As much time as the girl spends alone and questioning the world around her, she seems to difficult or confusing situations all to quickly. This could also lead to others thinking of her as hard headed or stubborn, for once an idea is in her head, she is not usually willing to give it up.

Self-effacing- Bambi has found herself to not be very big on being the center of attention. Being seen as such can cause anxiety and nervousness.
Bambi was born into slavery. She was raised by her mother, who taught her to maintain silence as to avoid beatings. When she was old enough, her mother was dragged away.. Never to be seen again. The young girl could only wonder what they did with her.. Or to her. But she liked to hope, however unlikely it was, that they just let her go.

The dog replaced her. It may sound sick to outsiders.. Just as it did even to those who were part of the cycle themselves. But it was how things went, and she was taught not to go against it.

She did many different things. From simply catching game for her masters, to holding down victims as they were forced to be impregnated or tortured. Bambi herself was never used to bare children, and later on she discovered the reason for that. She was to be used as a sacrifice-- And for that, she had to be 'pure'.

Luckily, things didn't happen that way. Someone, some where, on the ranch decided to rebel. All it took was one slave, and the rest followed. The escaped at night, ridding of their night guards and fleeing towards the forest. Some of the slaves had forged bonds with each other, and therefore went off to seek a new life together. But Bambi went off on her own.. And she stayed secluded for a number of days before stumbling upon Nana.

Update: Nana, her translator and close cat friend, passed away. Her coping methods have been strengthened due to this, but stressful situations often still throw her off. ... =21078&hl=