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Male 28 Jan 2013
75% Coyote, 25% Wolf Ortus
Of all the strains that influence Cartier's appearance, the Plains Coyote blood is most prominent, both in his warm coat colors and his lean muscles quickly developing. The main color of his pelt in the upper parts of his body is a soft tan color, Barley Corn (#9b8a59). His belly and neck colors are a pale buff color Arrow Town (#93896d). The sides of his head close to his eyes, his snout, outer ears and leg stockings areSepia Skin (#976a3a) The reddish color around his eyes and a little on his shout is Raw Sienna(#c86944). This particular coloring makes him look innocent, but while he is still a puppy it doesn't bother him. Lastly, the tip of his tale is dark, Judge Gray (#4a432b) Cartier is still young, so he has a lot of room to grow in this area of stating just exactly who he is, but there are strong traits that are already showing themselves. He is obedient almost to the point of making his mother and those over him idols. Very submissive to strong authority out of what little he knows of honor and respect. There is safety in obedience and he has already learned this lesson well in his short time in the world. He finds this to be an easy task and does it with joy and his whole heart, not because it is demanded.

Curious beyond what is expected of one so young, he investigates anything he can. He respects authority more when they feed him facts and information to go along with whatever is being taught. He is not, nor will he become a mindless follower. Examples and actions speak louder than words, and Cartier is watchful. Always quick to put some of the most obscure facts together, often saving himself from danger or even punishment. He is not foolish enough to fully challenge authority, but he will make his displeasure and lack of understanding known as respectfully as the situation requires.

He has his faults. In efforts of happiness and pleasing those he respects and loves, he sometimes willfully overlooks things if he wants it to be a certain way, a stubbornness that could be the most harmful of all his traits. He is young yet, perhaps he will outgrow this. Time will tell.
His history is rather short since he is a pup still and at his age he barely knows of his own history himself. He knows nothing of his father and isn't even sure he knows what such a title is for. What his mother teaches him is all he cares to know and it is enough for now. He came about through artificial means with Miqui being the donor, but he has never seen him and probably never will.
Father — Miqui Kimaris
Mother — Willam la Chemin
Half-Sibling Littermates — Versace Inferni
Half-Siblings (Miqui) — Aerakh Kimaris, Molakh Kimaris, Rahovath Kimaris, Chanath Kimaris, Maecherath Kimaris
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001: tomorrow will worry about its own things | Inferni; Chapel | Versace
002: A volunteer is worth twenty pressed men | Inferni | None
003: Locked away in permanent slumber | Inferni; D'Neville Mansion Chapel | Faith
004: We build an army from nothing | Inferni | Meeting
005: A nod is as good as a wink to a blind horse | Inferni | Vesper
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