Xamina Coldovea de Valencia

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Texas Red Wolf
Xamina's appearance alludes to youth, life, and movement. A red wolf through and through, she is significantly smaller than the average Timber wolf. Her thin, short legs and elegantly squared writs were built for speed and graceful fluid movement. Even the way her fur grows somehow accentuates the preciseness of her movements. Her thin coat is a shimmering collage or dusty colors- red, brown, cream and grey all weave themselves into her intricate coloration. Most of the color's of Xamina's coat are not easy to distinguish, but some vary clear markings extenuate her shape. The top of her muzzle is a reddish color, her cheeks and ears are lean more clearly towards brown and grey. While the bulk of her coloration is a deep reddish-orange, she has a very clearly marked saddle of grey. Cream colors collect themselves on her undersides.

In her Optime form, Xamina is a delicate Latin beauty. She is graced with a dancer's build; although in is small in stature she has long, spindly legs. Though she is very clearly a creature built for speed, she does not have the hardy look of some one who does much running. Her muscles are not at all sinewy, weight collects on her body in smooth curves rather than in defined shapes. Though occasionally she wishes with all her might, she is not a strong creature at all. No, no, Xamina could be considered, delicate, feminine, curvy, but not strong. In her Optime form her hips are only slightly wider than her bust, giving her an almost pare shaped structure.

The features of her face become more exotic in her commonly used Optime form. There is a certain quality about her face that cannot be found among the northern wolves. Maybe it is the slight slant of her eyes, the distinct appearance of her cheek bones, or the shine of her curly ebony mane.Xamina labors over her mane. It is very straight, slick black hair that does not curl with easy. However, she manages to keep her hair in perfect curls most of the time.

In her Optime form she carries a Spanish Guitar and a leather satchel equip with a length of rope, a box of hair accessories, three scarves (light blue: translucent silk, red/orange/yellow gradient: thin cotton, purple: thick wool), a dancer's hip sash covered in mismatched coins, a tattered "how to learn to play the guitar" book, sheet music, and a deer antler knife she has no idea how to use.

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Xamina is like the colors that make up her coat, a fiery girl. She will not be ordered by anyone, authority or not. Though she is typically a frivolous, giggling youth she can become violent and severe seemingly without reason. Her mood are harsh and sudden as well as passionate and caring. She is very independent she will do just as she pleases and will not take no for an answer.

Though she has a big personality, she can't really put her words to test. Xamina is in some ways, helpless. She is a small, delicate girl who makes up for her lack of physical strength with her dramatic personality. Xamina trys to content herself with an ordinary life, but she has always craved for adventure and excitement. she often feels she needs to make situations bigger than they really are in order to keep herself from becoming bored.

Though her rash actions and gossip girl cover make her seam ignorant, Xamina is secretly very intelligent. Due to her strict upbringing she is literate. She can complete mathematics problems, understand some strange human text, and navigate with the stars. She can sail small boat and speaks English and Spanish fluently. She is slowly teaching herself to play the guitar.

Xamina is a dancer by trade, she loves the richness of salsa, cumbia, cha-cha-cha, and merengue. Her dance troop taught her sever middle eastern dances.

Speech: Xamina speaks English with a slight southern accent. her Spanish is spoken without an accent, but can be associated with "Spanglish" and Mexican specific words. Her voice is high pitched, though it fluctuates often.
Xamina was a child of summer; her birth product of a whirl wind romance between her mother and her biological father, while her up bringing was the result of a slowly kindled love between her mother and her Russian step father.

Xamina's mother, Rosalinda, saved a Russian wolf from drowning on Galveston's stormy shores after is ship is wrecked. In the time of a fair Texas year, she learns to love and cherish her Russian sailor. One day, Rosalinda's Russian sailor, Tihon, makes the rash decision to leave and fight in a gang war in north Texas. Rosalinda, thinking that Tihon had been killed in his frivolous war, falls in love with a handsome local red wolf who leaves her as soon as he realizes she is pregnant.

Upon returning, the battle scared Tihon finds Rosalinda heavy with child. Although he is stricken, he promises to take care of the child as if it were his own. He is true to his promise.

Xamina's Russian steep father dubs her Xamina Rosalinda Verdad Coldovea de Valencia (pronounced in an English adapted way: x-uh-mina rosa-leen-da ver-dad Chole-do-veh-a de val-en-ci-a), a monumental name for a small pup to grow into. Tihon was a strict father, requiring the pup to become fully literate. A well educated man, he taught Xamina Mathematics, Sciences, Astrology, and Literature from complex human books. Also from her steep father, Xamina found her love for the sea. Even before her first shift, her father would take her on voyages across the blue waters of Galveston.

From her mother Xamina learned to dance to beat of Spanish a middle eastern music. Before her first shift, the red wolf girl knew in her heart that she would make her living as a dancer. At eight months of age her innate dancing skills were noticed by the head of a prestigious dance company. After some convincing, she bid farewell to her dear mother and father and traveled north with the dancers in a large caravan. By day they traveled with out end, and by night they preformed in taverns and settlements in exchange for food and assorted coins. The dancers would tie these coins to their hip sashes to show their prestige.

Everything was wonderful for Xamina, she had learned much with the coming for her first birthday. She was a valued dancer, a loved member of her troop, and slowly showing advancement in her musical ability. Everything was wonderful, except for her relationship with her dance troop's manager. The two had never gotten along. They were both fiery individuals who clashed every time they saw each other.

One day after a particularly bad fight the troop manager, Larry, Xamina to go on a walk with him. They walked in silence for half an hour, flowing a confusing and winding path. Just as the sun began to fall from the sky, Larry ran away leaving Xamina lost in the dark woods outside of 'souls territory.