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Male 12 Jun 2007

Despite his dessert wolf heritage, Tyko has course coal-colored fur. Many scars litter his body, but most of them are hidden by his thick fur. Tyko has sleek muscles, and when in Optime, he's well-toned and tall. He has brilliant magenta-colored eyes, which is his only outstanding feature.

Tyko is cocky, and always carries himself confidently. He flirts with any female on a whim, and disregards any uncomfort that they might have with that. He is always well groomed (always gotta look good for the ladies *wink*) and wears his Optime hair in a small fro-hawk.

Seeming decent, somewhat friendly on the outside, there's usually a lot more going on inside his mind. He is every woman's dream mate, but has no desire to settle down and be mated with anyone. However, he has all the qualities a female would ever dream of - strength, good looks, working "tools", strong genes, etc. On the downside, he sees women as reproduction tools - probably due to his Iranian heritage - with the exception of very few women he respected (Eris Eternity being the only one).

Tyko is extremely clever - always calculating a plan or an escape from a situation. He has exceptional skill in hand-to-hand combat, had been training since he was young, as well as some weapons training (mostly with daggers, which he trained himself). He's quick on his toes, mentally only. His big form and past leg injuries, unfortunately, slow him down when it comes to moving quickly on his feet.

Tyko will do anything for self gain, no matter who he hurts in the process. He cares for very few and doesn't care who he steps on in the process of making himself look better. He is very private and doesn't trust anyone with important details about his life. Tyko, however, does have some civil relationships where he minimally trusts another - but he is quick to judge and point a finger should anything seem out of place. He doesn't like anyone else up in his business, and wouldn't hesitate to silence them if they were running their mouths. He is not very social (towards other males) and is quick to judge another and say rude things, often resulting in fights. He shamelessly flirts with females, and tends to have good conversation with them despite his anti-socialness; it is most likely due to reproduction always being on his mind.
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