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I love to role-play. I've recently gotten really into D&D, it's awesome! I love GoT! I should have graduated already, but I'm trying to get into a four-year university to major in Biology. I love animals. I love to read. I like to play WoW when I can and I'd like to try and play LoL, but I don't have a good enough laptop to play either on a regular basis. I like to play Skyrim also! Wish this section was longer.

In Character

Female 13 Jan 2012
25% German Shepherd, 25% Belgian Malinois, 25% Vancouver Island Wolf, and 25% Great Plains Wolf

In her Lupus form, Dae measures 30" in height, given her mixed species, and she weighs around 70 lbs. Her limbs are slender and almost fragile looking, though toned. Her paws are larger than average. At first glance, they may look too large for her body, too oddly proportioned and awkward. If you look at her long enough, however, you'll find that her large paws improve instead of damage her overall appearance. Her tail is long and bushy when wet. Her coat is medium in length and deep black in color, save for the broad and bold white streak going down her throat and chest. She also has a white scruff, beginning at a point at the base of her head and feathering out to a frayed end between her shoulder-blades. It is only noticeable from the sides and back.

Dae's head is of average size. Her ears are large, not quite pointed but not quite entirely round either. Her muzzle and nose, like her paws, seem to be larger than they should be. Her eyes are a light, chocolate brown in color.


Dae's Secui form is like her Lupus, albeit she is broader and more toned as well as taller; bigger all around like most Luperci in this form. Her fur is also thicker, making her appear even bigger. This is her least favorite form and she only uses it when she needs to be extra intimidating or there is a practical reason to shift.

Dae comes to be 36" tall in this form and she'll weigh about 130lbs.


In her Optime form, Daenerys reaches a height of 5'8". In this form, the one she is in the majority of the time, she is tall, but not awkwardly so. She gained her mother's figure and is fairly attractive to most, in most respects. Weight-wise, she comes to just under 165lbs.

The white streak puffs out at her chest, giving light to her face and eyes. Her hair, at its roots, are black, but then they gradually begin to fade into first gray, and then white. Most of the time, her hair is neatly braided and kept either resting on one of her shoulders or hanging straight down her back.

Daenerys usually only wears a cloak to travel in, a cloak that marks her as a trader. Her bow, elegantly crafted and obviously expensive, is always on her person. She always carries a small dagger, which is attached to her right rear-leg by a leather sheath that was made to fit.

((This will probably be under construction for some time, until I get used to my character and her specific tastes. This is just basic stuff.))
Daenerys Wintergale, like any other Luperci, is a somewhat complicated being. In the months that she lived and learned from her mother, this young female built a wall between herself and others. She lives in a fortified shell of bitter truths and ever-vigilant suspicion.

Early on in life, she learned that others weren't to be trusted; especially those of the male persuasion. To this day, there was only one male that she ever trusted and that was her father. Daenerys is very distrustful and very suspicious because of it. If you are kind to her, she'll wonder why. She'll wonder what the catch is. What's in it for you? On the other paw, she'll also consider what's it in it for her. After all, you can't live with one Luperci your entire life and not pick up a few things. How to be manipulative is the only survival skill her mother ever taught her. Only she was better. She could get what she needed without being beat up every morning and night.

The day she left, Daenerys made a vow to herself- she'd never end up like her mother. Ever. The idea of being so dependent on others makes her sick. She is a very independent Luperci. If she can't do things for herself, she'd rather not do it at all. Due to this philosophy, she has learned to be remarkably resourceful and full of out-of-the-box ideas. Being so independent, she is a proud creature and she is also very stubborn, very persistent. Telling her that she can't do something would definitely be a mistake.

Her independent and distrusting nature has led her to be almost entirely inept when it comes to most intimately social situations. She can talk to you just fine if it's business. However, if the talk gets all mushy, or it turns into a conversation chock-full of small-talk, she'll noticably become rather awkward and uncomfortable. She becomes unsure of her phrasing, or her vocabulary, and she'll begin to stutter here and there. You'll also see that she becomes very tense and uncertain in her body-language. Daenerys has absolutley no idea how to handle the more intimate situations. So she struggles.

Beneath that shell, behind that wall of hers, Dae secretly and almost desperately longs for companionship and family. She's always wondered what it would be like to have a friend that she could count on. She has also always wanted to be part of a very close family. She wants to know what if feels like to laugh in earnest at someone's joke without worrying about what their true intentions may or may not be. She longs to be a part of something bigger than herself. She is just too scared to committ. The potential for heart-break is far too great for her to take the chance.
Daenerys was the only survivor of a litter of two, born to two Luperci parents: her mother Shae, a German Shepherd-Belgian Malinois mix, and her father, Kyris, a mix of Vancouver Island wolf and Great Plains wolf.

Shae had always been a dependent canine, although by choice. Once she'd figured out that she could survive without lifting a paw, she adopted that lifestyle wholeheartedly. If Dae were to describe her mother, she'd have to go with the terms selfish, lazy, entitled and...loose. Her mother never stayed with the same male for very long. It was much more convenient to go from one to another. That's how it was before Daenerys was born and that is how it remained afterward. It was a shame too, because her father must have been the only decent male her mother had ever chosen. All of the others had very violent tendencies. Sometimes, they'd beat her mother if she refused to give them what they wanted or she pushed them too far. Some weren't so bad...when they were sober. They lavished her with gifts and brought her what food and water she needed. Anything her mother wanted, her mother got. When Daenerys came along, she became a burden to all of her mother's "suitors". She was a package-deal, however, so she didn't go hungry or thirsty most of the time.

Kyris, her father, was quite a different story. Oh, how she admired and adored her father, for he was the most decent male she'd ever known. He'd visit her frequently, but if he was ever unable to see her, he'd write instead. It was he who taught her reading and writing as soon as she could shift.

Kyris visited on the day Daenerys turned twelve months and found his daughter with her things packed, begging her father to take her away from her neglectful mother. Regretfully, he declined her request. He feared that he'd fail to provide for her and be a proper guardian, even though she was fairly capable of caring for herself. He knew that she was taken care of here, even if her mother wasn't the best role-model there was. He'd taught Dae wrong from right and he knew that her morals were a lot stronger than her mother's. She began to sob, and the sight broke Kyris's heart. He couldn't bear it, so he left.

Daenerys, angry with her father for not taking her with him, and thinking that she was teaching him a lesson, turned her father away when he came to see her more than a month later. He had come to take her with him but she wouldn't even speak to him. Having no other choice, Kyris left his daughter once more. He had the other half of his family waiting for him, but they lived farther away than he did and now he had to travel a good bit longer to see her.

Not long after her father's last visit, her mother had a visitor. A drunken one. One of her worst providers. He came in stumbling, knocking things over. He shouted incomprehensible things at Shae, slurring his words. It was all nonsense. Complete, utter nonsense. Her temper rising and her patience thin, Dae acted very uncharacteristically and stormed out of her room, yelling at the male to get out. She threw anything she could reach at him, screeching and crying and wanting desperately to see her father again. She was sick of her mother and the house she'd grown up in, and the males her mother saw. Her actions only proved to anger the drunk. He stumbled towards her, grabbing the young female with excess force and slamming her into the wall. She struggled to escape the filthy male but was overpowered. Dae screamed for her mother to help, but Shae did nothing. She figured it was time for her daughter to earn her keep.

Hours later, bruised everywhere and sore all-over, Dae woke up in her room. Her quilt, the one her father had made for her, was ruined and so came the end of a childhood she never had the chance to experience. The memory of what happened never faded. It always loomed there in the back of her mind. The pain, his crushing grip, his awful stench, her mother's neglect. Shae allowed that wolf to rape her and Daenerys would never forgive her. Upon waking, Dae immediately packed what she could, leaving the shredded quilt behind, and left for good.

Daenerys traveled for a month by herself before she came across another Luperci, due to the fact that she was far too afraid to meet the world head-on yet. It was by chance that she came across a trader when she did. A good thing too, considering she was entirely too weak and emaciated to keep going like she was. If she had not found the will to rise for another day, she probably wouldn't have risen ever again.

The young Luperci had been making slow progress on the roads and forest tracks when she encountered a fellow female Luperci, a skilled huntress. The huntress had her bow fully drawn, aiming at a plump rabbit. Dae began slavering as soon as she laid eyes on the creature and stopped dead in her tracks. She wondered if she'd be able to take the creature down before the huntress, as she was in her Lupus form. Realizing that her life depended on that meal, Dae leapt for her prey and ruined the hunt for them both because she was too weak to reach it in time.

Seeing her catch dart off before she could make her shot, the huntress cursed and glared at the wolf who'd ruined the hunt. Surprise filled her upon seeing the emaciated female, so she immediately went to help. A few hours later, Dae was full and resting by a campfire with her new companion, and that was how she met Caelen Wintergale.

For two months she lived with Caelen, learning as much as she possibly could while in her company. Caelen taught her everything she needed to know in order to survive, including her trade. In the months they spent together, Daenerys grew very attached the older Luperci. Caelen was the mother she never had.

Tragedy struck the day that Caelen was brutally murdered. All Dae could do was run and never look back. Daenerys adopted Caelen's last name and now she roams about, making her living as a trader.

Shae (Mother) and Kyris (Father)

Any other family is open, if anyone is interested at any point.


Caelen Wintergale (Mentor-Murdered)


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