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Hi all, I'm Li (short for Liane). Some of you on the circuit may know me as I used to be the Strawberry Fields alpha at WWS (Smoke) and I've been a roleplayer now for around 11 years so I'm seasoned (basically another word for old!). I'm from the lovely, yet rainy, United Kingdom and live in a small village practically in the middle of the country.

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Aeon has a rusty colour to his coat and up close has very fine specks of white. Although most never get this close to see that and most most angles and distances simply looks brown. However in the sunlight his coat shines and takes on a more metallic look. In contrast with his brown fur, Aeon has bright yellow eyes and below them is a mark of his past in the form of three ridged scars running across his muzzle with the first starting at the base of his nose and the other two set closer together than the distance between the first and second.

In terms of body shape Aeon is a large wolf, but not fat with most of his bulk being muscle alone. Complimenting his figure are four, large lupine paws. In his Secui form, Aeon has a large mane that is jet black fading to his rust rues around four vertebrae done his spine and his claws have already started to turn a yellowing colour with use and age.

When fully shifted, Aeon also develops a long lashing of hair the same colour as his mane yet retains the same fur and eyes as in his Lupus form.
Aeon has a strange mix of paranoia and dependance. He can be very trusting and very compassionate, believing that everybody is entitled to their own chance in life. Yet given his past and the fact his parents could still be hunting him, he is also paranoid and certain traits can lead him being weary of you. Even given this he will always be the first to submit or back down in a confrontation and in general believing it to make him the better, stronger character.

Yet he is not without his 'street-smarts'. Lead a part life of crime has taught him many lesson into how the underworld acts and how to use works to confuse or elude even to manipulate. These are simply skills that most of the time he chooses not to use as his compassion outweighs the urge for power or prestige.

This faith in family and family values is completely shattered and find parents useful only for keeping you alive whilst you grow and that is it. As such he has no desire to be a parent himself and the very mention of family can anger him. His caring nature extends to other animals (prey of course he makes an exception), but he likes to talk to creatures around him and this is how he found his avian friend that seems to, on some level, understand him.
From a young age Aeon was taught that the only way in life was to take from those around you and that success in life was measured not by the content of ones character but by their drive and willingness to break the rules and destroy the social boundaries that keep them in place. He and his mother and father lived as loners out in the wilds, only crossing others to rob, attack and kill them. They lived as Marauders. From six months of age, Aeon was raised as a pickpocket and quickly graduated to thief. Yet with every new job came a feeling of unease, that something was not right and there must be some other way to live.

Yet he dare not explore his options, lest he were to reprimanded by his mother and father. So he started to explore this concept in secret. As his parents created chaos around them, he attempted to close the wounds by returning late at night with some offering place of what was taken and where possible offered medical help to those were brave or stupid enough to stand up to them. However it was not long before his parents discovered the reason behind his night-time excursions when he returned once night with the scent of one of their victims upon his rusted coat.

His parents savagely beat him leaving him the constant reminder of his betrayal upon his muzzle, the claw marks of the grave family. For the next month he lived as loner finding only a Raven for company. They traveled together, feeding off their mutual alliance where nature allowed it, he even came to affectionately name the bird 'Stone' and grew attached to his only emotional connection to the world, but not even a raven can stave off the hunger he felt from the lack of big game. Time was running for Aeon and if he did not find a pack soon, his compassion would surely kill him.
Asri Grave (Mother) :: Raerin Grave (Father)
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