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Wolfdog [25% Gray Wolf, 25% Mexican Gray Wolf, 50% Dog (Labrador Retriever, Collie, Aussie, Mix)] Ortus

Alexis is a chimera. Two animals in one. Her markings split and fade thanks to her father's mutated labrador genes. She has blonde colorations of a yellow lab and black where the black lab side of her is. Some sparse markings in grey and the majority of her brown colorations come into her genetics from her mother's mutt and wolf heritage. She carries her mother's honey brown eyes. In her optime form her hair is golden blonde with some dirty blonde streaking, long, loose and and messy but sometimes tied back in a high, loose ponytail. Her left ear is drooped and right has a flopped tip. She is slender, feminine and agile, built for tight spaces and moving silently. She has a much more dog like build and appearance except for her tail and the ruff of her neck with is much more fluffy and coarse like a wolf. Her tail has a some longer, tasseled fur on the underside from her collie genes. She speaks with a mild southern/western accent.

Lupus: 26in (66cm)/71lb (32kg)
Secui: 38in (96.5cm)/140lb (63.5kg)
Optime: (66in) 5ft 6in (167.5cm)/170lbs (77kg)

She owns a crude hand-made bone knife on a leather thong around her neck and a newer, more finely crafted set of six throwing knives in a belt about her waist. She also has a billowing, heavy, black bear fur cloak too large for her that makes makes her lack of wealth and actual size very obvious. She carries a small satchel with some survival supplies and various small precious items.

Outgoing, charismatic, flirtatious, mischievous, stubborn, adventurous, distrusting, manipulative, elusive, flighty, aloof, intelligent, quick witted, defensive, curious.

Alexis is a whole lot of attitude and sass wrapped up in a small impish package. She's a firecracker, witty and ready to go off at any moment. Always one with a secondary agenda, this young woman should not be trusted even with her sweet smile and innocent looks. She is genuinely a curious and charismatic person, but not outwardly considered friendly. She has a problem becoming overconfident or easily riled up once her facade is cracked and getting in over her head in situations leading her to fights or other trouble.

Underneath her "badass", stoney and cocky exterior is a very scared, determined to survive young girl who grew up in very unfortunate conditions. She seeks warmth and closeness, but doesn't know how not to push people away. Alexis is rough around the edges but with proper influences has much potential to become a lady or a tramp a she grows up.

[*] Born in Maryland. Never knew her father. Mother was a street dog, mind not all sound due to past traumas and time as a slave. Daughter was product of non consensual relations.
[*] Grew up into poverty and fending for herself in a large run down city. Upbringing was of distrust, misuse and abuse. Ran with a small pack of "wild children" often the only female of the group.
[*] Learned all sorts of skills and bad habits on how to survive (including how to shift forms) on her own at an earlier age than most due to living on the streets, facing dangers and immense hardship with an absent familial presence.
[*] Eventually ran away when she got in trouble with someone she tried to steal from. Fleeing slavery, seeking a different life, hitched a ride and traveled with friend from the street and a caravan of roaming gypsies heading North. She was 'gifted' a heavy fur cloak, a set of throwing blades and a few other valuables before parting ways again.
[*] Left to fend for herself once again in 'Souls, she is now doing her best to find her way in foreign lands and make a life for herself.
The Foxleigh, Kido, Wolfe-Denahlii and DelaFuente Families.

Mother: Oakley Foxleigh
Father: Bryant DelaFuente
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Clean Burning -Darkness
The Fire In Your Eyes, Like Stars, Guide Me Home -Laurentius

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