Crystal Crimson

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In Character

Female 21 Jul 2010
Eurasian Wolf Ortus
Crystal in both forms has a variety of colors in her coat, brown being the main one. She also has some grey, white and black mixed in. She has brownish gold eyes. While in anthro form Crystal wears a cloak that is red. She can normally be found in anthro form, she only goes into feral form to hunt. Her tail is always raised from the ground. She can fight in either form easily. Being a Eurasian wolf, she towers over some of the smaller wolves.
While in feral form she comes to 85 cm in height at the shoulders, while in anthro form she comes to 5ft 8in (172.72 cm). As of yet she has not met any wolves taller than her. Her features usually sport a stern gaze, added with her silent nature this makes her seem threatening. She uses these facts to her advantage, since she often likes to be by herself anyways.
The only time she relaxes is when she is near others she trusts with her life, or around someone she loves. Then she can often be seen with a soft smile and relaxed body language. This often surprises others used to her gruff disposition.
her cloak
Crystal tends to be silent, thinking things through carefully before speaking. She is sociable enough to talk to others, but she often prefers her own company. She likes to lead, but doesn't go out of her way to seek the attention of others. She believes in following the rules. If she see's someone breaking them, she will punish them, and then take them to the authorities. She is fairly strict to those willing to follow her, but is fair when it comes to deciding a punishment. Crystal is slow to trust others, though she doesn't outwardly show this distrust. She may be more gruff or blunt until she decides the other party means her no ill will. She doesn't mind traveling. She enjoys making maps of the areas she has explored. She is a strong woman. She loves to hunt, and will get in a fight if angered enough. Once you gain her trust, she can be loyal to a fault and defend you with her life. Anyone she deems under her protection is taken care of to her best abilities. Crystal doesn't bow down to other authoritative figures well, being used to leading herself, she still has that mentality that others should follow her orders. She will show what respect she can to other leaders, but her wild spirit tends to come out without her notice.
Crystal was born to a group of anthro wolves in America. The whole pack traveled around, never staying in one area for very long. Crystal got very used to this wandering life, and continued with it when she left her pack at the age of three. She traveled alone until she met a blonde german shepherd mixed dog, who decided to travel with her.
After a time Crystal found that she liked the dog very much, and was happier with her company. The dog convinced her to change her so that they could live more easily together, and Crystal agreed. Soon they gathered more wolves and dogs together and bought a ship called the Fairbreeze.
They sailed together, Crystal teaching what she knew of sailing. They traded with others in America, becoming well known to those who lived near the shores. Then a hurricane came and wrecked the ship. Crystal was washed ashore separate from the rest of the crew. After she healed, she learned that one other had survived, her lover Lilith. However, Lilith thought she was dead, and had traveled to Canada.
With a determination that bordered on stubborn, Crystal went to Canada herself, in hopes that she can find Lilith and be reunited with her.
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