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Beneath the Blue
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Male 08 Feb 2010
Wolf (Mackenzi Valley Wolf/Russian Wolf Cross) Ortus
Charred Bones remain atop his grave in The Silent Meadow, aside Hartt Attaya's.

Protective - Fatherly - Humbled - Mournful

While his final days were stressful and his life without Hartt burdened him, he was a man who did the best he could for his family. A friend to the Wolfe-Denahlii clan, a First Officer of Casa di Cavalieri, and a loving father, Darkness passed quietly into the night aside his late mate's grave.
Darkness Hushhowl passed, leaving an impression upon his family, his friends and an imprint on Casa di Cavalieri. He is survived by his children, Dusk, Dawn, Night, Day, Pushok and Temnota.
Father: Laddious Hushland
Mother: Dane Nighthowl
Known Siblings: Light Hushhowl

Deceased Mate: Hartt Attaya
Offspring: Dusk, Dawn, Night, Day, Pushok and Temnota.
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