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Female 01 Mar 2011
50% Timber Wolf, 50% Arctic Wolf Ortus
Pale, pretty, powerful.

Iroquois is a product of her lifestyle. Her body is toned and thick, holding up squared shoulders and a very solid frame. In Optime, her preferred form, she is over six feet tall boasting strong arms from years of honing her archery craft. She is a creature of the wilds with weathered hands and small bits of debris are often caught in the longer lengths of her fur. Though her back is a mottled sprinkling of peppered brown fur her mane is pristine white and usually pulled back into a tie with various braids, beads, and feathers tied into the tresses.

Her lupus form is brutish. She's a heavyweight, and her fighter's musculature is further accented by her thick fur. Secui only enhances this further. A big, bearish, she-wolf with broad, bulky features.

Iroquois often wears various clothing and accessories while in Optime form. She is never without her carved wooden bear totem which she wears on a hardened leather throng around her neck. Her bow is given similar treatment, though she will leave it behind if in Lupus or Secui form for prolonged periods of time.

Her usual outfit is a pair of fur-trimmed shorts with a matching top made out of leather. A knife is attached to a belt around her hip and she often sports a dark leather bracer that bears the Krokar symbol, dyed blue.
Free spirited, faithful, kind, and devoted to her work. She has a loving heart and would do anything for the wolves of Krokar. She works hard to maintain her place in the world.

She is a devotee of the living world with a deep understanding of the role she plays within it. She does her best by others; her heart is open, wide, and welcoming to those who belong to Krokar. Harmony is paramount to her and any disruptions to this is met with fierce resistance. Iroquois is not afraid of change, by any means, but is always looking out for the best interest of the pack. Anything she can do, she will, even to the point of personal sacrifice.

A staunch provider and defender, Iroquois is absolutely devoted to her work and spends most of her time out in the woodlands with the local flora and fauna. Spirituality is a big part of her life, specifically Animism. After every kill, she will thank the spirit of that creature for their gift, and always keeps her totem close at hand. She is a believer in the spirit world, and that everything, from the smallest to the largest being, possesses a spirit. To disrespect them is sacrilege in her eyes.

All-in-all, Iroquois is a loving, devoted soul, both to her work and her people. She thrives when surrounded by pack and wilderness both and will do anything to defend the peace and security that Krokar brings to those who serve within it.
A wolf of the wild, Iroquois was born to a tribe if animism worshipping Inuit wolves. She learned from an early age to be a part of the world, and embraced her position as a faithful hunter and warrior wholeheartedly. Devoted to her faith, she saw a need for her skills with a group of kindly fisherman that included August Cormier and happily settled with them. A flood destroyed their home but the wolves survived as did some of their livestock, and she left to follow Gus and his mate, Lucille to the lands of Krokar.

Since arriving in Krokar Iroquois has devoted herself to her beliefs and furthering her skills, undergoing a kind of spiritual transformation. Determined to throw herself more into the pack she calls home, in early September 2015, she began to make her presence more known.

(Originally written by Kahilli)
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