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Female 25 Aug 2016
Mostly Dog Ortus
Logan is to be lithe and muscular. He is a hard worker, and practices weaponry often. Due to this, he doesn't have big, bulky muscles. His are hard, lean, and wiry, and he moves more with speed and agility than brute force. Standing at 6 ft tall, he moves with grace and confidence. His wiry coat is dark brown, heavily marked with off-white and another, far lighter, brown. His eyes are a bright yellow that seem to glow like lamps.
His Optime hair is cut short enough that he doesn't need to style it. The hair is thick and dark brown speckled with an off-white color.
He is very obviously a dog, despite being almost 40% wolf (3 different kinds). His father was a wolf and sled dog mix, while his mother is all dog. He resembles his mother most, looking like a large German Wirehaired Pointer/Schnauzer mix. The only thing that gives away his wolf lineage is his height and thicker fur.
He is very humanized, standing straight and with ease. He doesn't like to wear tight clothing because they get in the way, but he usually wears a cloak of some kind that covers his body.
Quick-witted and highly intelligent, Logan is very level-headed. He is naturally Lawfully Good, and is seen as 'The Easy Kid' in his parent's eyes. He loves to explore, loves to do new things, loves to travel. He has a passion for sailing, but prefers to romp around the 'Souls Universe, meeting new canines and seeing new things. He is also very good with animals, and loves to work with them.
Logan Cormier was born on 25 August, 2016 to Eliza Cormier and Milos Parhelion along with Bramble Parhelion.
Eliza Cormier-Mother
Milos Parhelion- Father
Bramble Parhelion- Littermate
Willow Cormier- Half-Sibling
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